The Best Voice Recording Apps for Android Users to Try

Voice recording is not new stuff at all in the scope of mobile phones. The feature of recording sound has been around for years even before the era of smartphones like today. Yet, it evolves greatly in a way that a voice recorder is not only about recording sounds but also ensuring the highest quality of the recordings. Android users should consider installing and using one of these best voice recording apps to easily record any sound and voice at the best possible level of quality.

ASR Voice Recorder

One thing to start with this app is the fact that it is available on Google Play Store for free. It works well on a smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch as long as the operating system is Android for sure. It is a free application but it is considered a competent app in its particular field. One of the best features that this app offers is the variety of formats to save and store the recordings. The file formats that are supported by this app include M4A, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and MP3.

This application comes with an integrated cloud service as well to store the recordings there. It means that it will be possible to upload the recordings right away to Google Drive and Dropbox. Even this application allows its users to record audio through Bluetooth microphones. With all of those features, it is only reasonable for ASR Voice Recorder to be one of the best voice recording apps out there today. Unfortunately, this app comes with ads along the way of its use.

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Another decent voice recorder to find on Google Play Store is the Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder. It is a free app that comes with a pro version for some bucks. It is about $4 at the moment to get the full features of the pro version. The only thing that this app is not capable of doing is phone call recording. Regardless of that, it is still packed with a lot of decent features like no other similar apps around. As its name suggests, it is capable of saving the recorded audio into MP3.

Wi-Fi transfer comes as a standard feature of this app along with the ability to directly upload the recordings to any preferred cloud service. It has widget support as well that will be useful to choose the input microphone to use. With the support to save any recording in the form of MP3, this one of the best voice recording apps is worth checking out. Even the free version of this app is a powerful app already. Yet, it is always a good idea to go for the paid version to support the developer.

Easy Voice Recorder

This voice recording app is a good and popular one. It is easy to find it in many lists of best apps in terms of voice recorder for Android. It has a paid or pro version with about $4 to pay to unlock its entire features. Among the decent features within the pro version is the ability to record any audio in stereo by using a Bluetooth microphone. It works well on any Android device from the phone, tablet, and smartwatch. The interface of this app is very simple and easy to study and use.

As one of the best voice recording apps out there, it offers the simplest method of recording any audio. Just open the app and hit the microphone button to record any audio. There is a share button as well to share the recordings whenever needed. Unfortunately, the free version is not capable of recording audio to MP3 format. The free version comes with ads as well that could be annoying for some users. In general, this app is more than enough to record audio in decent quality.

In terms of a voice recorder for Android, the basic or pre-loaded app that comes with the phone may just be enough to get the job done. One of the best pre-loaded voice recorder apps for Android is the one from Samsung. The app has been somewhat polished well by Samsung to provide decent features within the scope of audio recording. One of the best features is the speech to text that converts any recording to text. That comes in handy for interviews.

Those are some of the best voice recording apps to find on Google Play Store. They can all be used to record even a beautiful singing that can then be uploaded over any social media platforms today to get famous in no time.