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Learn More about Facebook Dating Application

Nowadays, Facebook provides its members with an online dating service called Facebook Dating application. This service is official from Facebook and serves its users from across 20 countries. 

This app will connect its feature with the Facebook account. So, if you want to enjoy this service, you should have your own Facebook account. By creating this app, its users can start to have a meaningful relationship.

Let us see the following reading about how this dating service works.

  • How To Get Start 

Mostly, dating apps allow their members to connect their account to Facebook. It makes you have a double membership. The first is your dating app, and the second is your Facebook account.

However, the above method will be different from the Facebook Dating application. As it is a part of Facebook, you don’t need to create a new account. It is not a separate app.

You can reach Facebook Dating through your Android or iOS mobile. It is much easier and simpler for you to start using it. Unfortunately, you will not find this service on your desktop. 

You can switch your Facebook profile to be a dating profile once you tap the button. You don’t need to worry about your personal data because Facebook will keep your personal data separately from your Facebook Dating. This will make you meet a total stranger. 

This app doesn’t require your data to complete your profile because it has the information from Facebook. It already knows your personal information. 

Yet, you don’t panic with your personal Facebook information. It has some options that can make you skip some steps. It will let you be anonymous.

They will take your name from Facebook profile to Facebook Dating profile. You cannot adjust your profile name for your dating service. Because of that, you might be an inconvenience as well as feel unsafe.

  • Interface and Profiles

As it is the same application, Facebook Dating has the same interface as Facebook. It is easy to get you to the Facebook Dating section. You just need to tap the heart-shaped button. 

Of course, you should enter your Facebook account first. Then, you will find this button on the menu located on the bottom right. 

Facebook Dating makes you seem to have a high-quality dating app. This is another benefit of this app. So, you will see your photo or your mate photo displayed on the mobile device. 

Then, what you need to do is say yes or no. The answer will require you to tap the big heart button seen on the screen. Moreover, it allows you to see the profiles that you have seen previously.

If you want to have a look at someone’s profile, you can tap the profile that you have the affection. You can scroll down to see other pictures, profile summary, and even their detailed information.

Once you find a match, you can start to have a conversation with each other. Facebook Dating has a message service to support your communication between you and your mates.

However, the service of this message is limited. You can send merely a text, but you can’t share photos, links, or even videos. 

  • Additional Features

Unlike other dating apps that allow you to pay for their service, this service provides you with no cost. It is free of charge for its members. 

You can browse any profile without the need to subscribe to any payment. It makes you more convenient in searching for your mate profile. Thus, its service offers you easy steps to enjoy it. 

You can see people that join the same Facebook groups as you do. Besides, they might go to the same Facebook events as well. This feature makes it possible to meet someone that you have known. 

This might leave you an issue with friends of friends, especially if they are close to each other. It will make you inconvenience due to the familiarity that you already know before. 

Another benefit of the Facebook Dating application is the Secret Crush feature. This feature allows you to make an excuse to date your friends. The step is simple. 

You need to mark nine of your Facebook friends to be the ones that you are interested in romantically. You can guarantee its secrecy. Nobody

from your friend lists will know about this.

After that, both of you will get a notification from Secret Crush. Then, you can start sending a message to each other. Through this, you can share your true feelings with a friend that you have a crush on. 

Hopefully, the short information above is informative. Hence, you can start to use the Facebook Dating application and experience its service.