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5 Things You Can Do with Instagram and Business

As one type of social media platform, Instagram and business could be a good couple after all. Today we can market anything through Instagram without worrying about time zone differences, space, and a lot of things.

It is always fun to show off your things and achievements on Instagram and other social media platforms. On the other hand, this could be a good way to promote your business. Especially for small businesses, social media is such a good place to start the marketing and campaign.

If you are familiar with Instagram and its features, feel free to use the platform to spread your business. Instagram and business should be two different things that could walk in harmony. Also, they are not necessarily too different after all. 

Thus, in this article, we are going to talk more about boosting your business – especially small ones – by using Instagram. It would be fun and interesting. This social media platform could be an ideal place to shout out to the world about your business especially if you target a 12 to 29 years-old audience.

#1 Interactions

Since this is a social media platform, you need to engage with your ideal customers. Of course, you may need to find them first and then follow the targeted audience. How can you find them?

You can start by looking for accounts that follow similar businesses similar to yours. They might be interested in yours at the end of the day. For instance, if you sell hoodies and other comfy stuff, you can find those who follow popular hoodie sellers on Instagram.

Some of them will follow you back even though not all of them would do the same. The next thing you should keep in mind and need to do is to post the right content. Interacting with them by commenting on photos and liking their posts would be a good start too.

#2 Post the right content

Once you’ve known your audience, you should keep them. How can you keep them? To make the collaboration of Instagram and business meets your expectation, you need to create content that appeals to your audience.

If you have still not found the right content, feel free to make some research. One of the ways is by taking a look at the competitors. We are not encouraging anyone to steal photos but taking a look at the competitors’ accounts helps you to understand what kind of photos that boost the engagement.

According to those who run business and market it on Instagram, you can post some types of content. It could be BTS videos, relevant quotes, product sneak peeks, blog post images, employee selfies, and product arrangements. You can try a few of those things and feel free to try all of them too.

#3 Your bio is your strategy

Another thing you should make it work is the bio. Instagram is such a casual social media platform. Writing some wordy bio details is not going to help with anything here.

Marketing your business through Instagram would require you to be lighthearted and more humanize about the brand. Again, think about your audience and the bio should appeal to them.

The most common things to do are such as taking advantage of the vertical formatting and use some emojis. Still, there is no exact rule in it. Creativity and clarity should be balanced on your bio.

#4 Hashtags

At some point, using the right hashtags will bring your customers to you instantly. How can you pick the right hashtags then? For instance, if you are selling fresh milk locally, you can try using hashtags about fresh milk and the area where you are selling your products.

You can also utilize some online hashtag generator for free to find the right hashtags that are relevant to your business. We highly recommend you to keep it light and casual after all. It won’t help much if you overdo the hashtags. 5 hashtags are fine.

#5 Create a cohesive feed

Instagram is such a visual social media. Everything is seen first. To create a strong yet reliable brand on this platform, you need to manage the feed so it’s felt cohesive. How can we make a cohesive Instagram feed?

You can start by incorporating a similar color scheme. Your brand style would even help a lot in determining the color scheme and the cohesive guidelines. Using the same filters from one post to another would be another good idea to combine Instagram and business.