The Right Way to Maintain Your Consumer Loyalty

In running a small business, having loyal customers is important to maintain. Keeping old customers while continuing to expand by finding new customers is the right thing to do. Old consumers have experience in buying the products you offer, they are assets that must be maintained properly. Keeping consumers satisfied with the products we offer is challenging. Business can last longer because of the influence of consumers, so it is important for an entrepreneur to make customers more loyal and feel satisfied with the products offered. For those of you who are running a business, there are a number of things you can do to keep consumers updated with your products and stay loyal to your products.

Give more attention to consumers

Giving customers bonus coupons or giving them certain greetings like birthdays can make customers feel cared for. Paying attention to customers with special attention is something that must be done by entrepreneurs. Keeping customers loyal to you can be done by storing their contacts for you to contact if there are attractive offers that you can offer them. You can give special promotions for customer special days or you can give them special discounts because they are your customers, so it will be easier for them to attract your products.

Interact with customers

The important thing that must also be considered is maintaining relationships with customers. Interact with customers to find out what kind of products your customers want. You can also find out the impression that customers make by following up on them after purchase. Input from customers will give you information related to your product to be used as an evaluation, on the other hand you also get a good response for customers which means you have been able to foster a good relationship with customers. You can also give them questions about your product and give special discounts to those who are willing to give a response, so you can build a special relationship with them another time. However, it must be kept in mind not to continue to send emails or offer messages to customers more often because this would seem to bother the customer.

Make a mutually beneficial relationship

As an entrepreneur, you must be smart in running a business. Small business will be able to grow with customers. To make your business run more smoothly, it’s good for you to have a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. You can start by providing the best products for your customers. For your regular customers, you can give special discounts that only those consumers can get or you can give certain product bonuses for customers who buy certain quantities of products or other attractive offers that you can give to your customers to make them feel more satisfied with the shop at your place. You can build a mutually beneficial relationship by making them able to promote your product, for example, consumers will get a discount or a certain gift if they also promote your product through their social media including your social media’s business account. That way you will indirectly be assisted with promotions and on the other hand your customers will get your product at a special price.

Provide convenience in payment

This is also an important point that must be done by entrepreneurs. Ease of payment will provide comfort to consumers. Provide a variety of complete methods for making payments ranging from payments via credit cards, debit cards, e-money, and payments through certain merchants that will make it easier for consumers to pay for products that they have ordered from you. Ease of payment is usually also something that consumers always consider. They do not like payment that is too much trouble, they prefer something more simple, so the ease of payment is an important thing to consider.

Give good service and fast response

To make consumers have a high loyalty to the small business you run, you must have good service to provide employees with more complete information and help them to get the goods they want more easily. If they find obstacles in finding a product or they have certain criticisms, you must be able to fast response and still serve them well. Customers who get good service will feel cared for and their needs can be conveyed better. You can start to use customer service that is ready to serve consumers 24 hours a day. This customer service is intended so that consumers can get more complete information. Customer service must also be able to help to solve problems from consumers more calmly and provide the best solutions.