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Hands-Free Security Technology Available on the Market

The need for good security is something that is on everyone’s mind a lot. For those who want to improve the security of their homes or their offices, there are lots of options on the market that can help them to protect their property. However, we are also beginning to see many amazing hands-free options appear too. Let’s take a look at some of these now.


Contactless, or RFID, wristbands are a great choice for organsiations who’d like to implement access control with credentials in more convenient format, that can always be worn around the users wrist. These are a popular option for industrial use where, for example, a lanyard and ID card may become caught in machinery, creating a health and safety risk. They are are also widely used in lesuire centres, pools and health clubs, where they can be easily worn around the wrist and offer a fully waterproof solution for use around pool areas etc. These are just two examples, but wristbands can be used in almost environment!

So how can an organisation implement this technology? First, they just have to buy a wristband similar to the ones you can find here: https://www.idcardsdirect.co.uk/. These can then be programmed to work with the organisations access control system, then the wristband just needs to be brought in the vicinity of a reader to give access. It is a simple system, but it might be a very effective one. You might not always have a hand free for a card or to input a code, but you might be able to bump the wristband against something.

Voice Activation

Though it is still in its infancy, voice activation is on its way to being as thorough and as effective as we see it in some of our favourite TV shows and films. The first place that we have seen this being used well is in our homes through assistants like Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. These are activated by a key phrase, but they can be taught to familiarise themselves with certain voices to make commands easier to understand too.

You can also find many add-ons that can be used alongside these assistants. Thanks to their help, you can easily increase the security of your home and it can all be done with a couple of easy voice commands.

Number Plate Recognition

Automatic gates are fantastic and are an easy way to make you feel safe in your home. They are usually activated either by a code that is inputted in a box level with the driver’s side, or with a fob that is usually kept with the keys or in the vehicle at all times. However, both of these require the driver to stop fully, potentially even opening a window or taking their eyes off their surroundings while they find the fob.

You can now find options for number plate recognition systems. As the car initially pulls into the driveway, a camera will scan the number plate of the vehicle. If it is one recognised by the system, the gates will open and the vehicle will be allowed in. Visitors can still use other methods for entry, such as a buzzer.

These are some of the options out there that can be implemented to improve the security around your property, and they all come with the benefits of being hands-free. Consider installing one of the above options today.