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Best Smartphones for Gaming 2020

Finding the best smartphone for gaming 2020 is important, since most people like to play games by using their smartphones. Some game developers offer some games to be played by using a smartphone. It means you don’t need to use PC again when you like to play your favorite game. To play games in a maximum way, you need to choose the right smartphone. In 2020, you will find some best smartphones that are offered to all gamers. There are some things to consider when you choose a smartphone for gaming. For all of you who are confused about choosing the right smartphone for gaming, you can get information here.

Samsung Galaxy S20

For all of you who are looking for the best overall smartphone especially for playing games, you can choose Samsung Galaxy S20. It is made beyond the expectation of the users. It is suitable for all of you who like to play mobile gaming. Why must you choose this smartphone for playing your favorite game? This smartphone is made with a Quad HD AMOLED Display that offers vibrant colors and also a sharp resolution. It means you can play a game in the best image. The 120Hz rate will allow you to get smooth animations when you play the game at a high level. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon is the most important thing that supports this smartphone. It is paired with big RAM too that will help to handle every game imaginable. When you play mobile games by using your smartphone, you need to check the battery of the smartphone. You must give thanks to Samsung because Samsung offers you a 4000mAh battery in this smartphone that will give plenty of endurance even if you play the game for a longer time. The storage space in this smartphone is also great. You can choose two modes in this smartphone such as gaming mode and also game launcher. Unfortunately, this smartphone still offers you cons. You will not find a headphone jack in this smartphone and this phone is made with all-glass design so it is very slippery.

2. OnePlus 7T

The next gaming smartphone that you can choose is OnePlus 7T. It is sold specially for a gaming smartphone. Since it is made for a gaming smartphone, it means it is made with some best features to support when you play mobile games by using your smartphone.  What are the reasons for all of you in choosing this smartphone? This smartphone is made with plenty of big and also bright displays. By using a bright display, you will be able to look at everything smoothly. There is an Oxygen OS that will make this smartphone run in a very good way. The next thing that makes this smartphone is worth it to buy is the charging technology. Battery is an important element that will make it easy to play a game even for a longer time. This smartphone is made with Warp Charge 30T, which lets you get fast charge and this technology will avoid this smartphone from overheating. Since this smartphone is a good smartphone for gaming, there is a gaming mode that you can find. The power of the CPU in this smartphone is also a positive side of this smartphone. It helps you to get unlimited network access when you play your favorite game. You can also block all incoming notifications in a very easy way. Although this smartphone is sold in some good things, you need to check some bad things about this smartphone. You will not find a MicroSD slot in this smartphone. There is no headphone jack too. This smartphone is made with no water resistance and no wireless charging. Most people recommend you to buy this gaming smartphone because this smartphone is sold at an affordable price.

3. LG 8X Gaming Smartphone

The last smartphone that you can buy when you need the best gaming smartphone is LG 8X. This smartphone is one of the best touchscreen smartphones that you should buy. This smartphone is made with a dual-screen accessory. You can get a second screen that is made for multitasking. You can apply it to control your game. You can play games in an easy step when you use this smartphone. This smartphone is good for all genres of games such as racing games, shooters, platformers, and some other genres. For all of you who like to play PUBG mobile, you can also create your configurations and simply add a button and virtual joysticks too by using the second screen. This smartphone has a larger display and a massive battery too. You can also find some premium features such as display fingerprint sensor, capable camera setup, and also wireless charging.

Now, you can choose one of the best smartphone for gaming 2020 above.