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Best Camera Smartphones 2020

You better buy one of the best camera smartphones 2020 when you like to capture all things with your smartphone. People can’t be separated from their smartphones. For most people, the smartphone is an important part of their life. When you buy a smartphone, there are some things to consider. One of the important things that you must consider is the camera feature. In this modern era, people choose to buy a smartphone with the best camera feature because they like to get all the functions on their smartphone. They don’t need to carry a pocket camera or a DSLR camera when they like to capture all things. In 2020, some smartphones will be made with the best camera features. You who are confused in choosing one of the best smartphones never need to feel bad. You can get information about the best smartphones with camera features here.

iPhone 11 Pro

One of the best three-camera smartphones in 2020 that you can choose is iPhone 11 Pro. Apple cares about the demand of all users. People love to capture all things and then share them with their social media. That is why Apple offers you iPhone 11 Pro. This smartphone is made with some best features. When we talk about the pros of this smartphone, we can find some best features such as night mode that helps you to produce the best picture even in the low light condition. You can find versatile triple cameras in this smartphone that can capture all things and produce the best quality of image. The camera in this smartphone offers you consistent colors. You can take a shot and make a perfect result even if you are in the middling light. The dynamic range is also strong because this smartphone is made with three cameras. It is an impressive smartphone for you who likes to produce a high-quality picture in a low light place. Unfortunately, people need to have more money because this smartphone will not be sold at a lower price. It is an expensive smartphone for you.

Google Pixel 4

The next camera smartphone that you can choose is Google Pixel 4. This smartphone is offered for all of you who like to produce an image like when you use your DSLR camera. You can find Astrophotography mode in this smartphone that is very important to create the best quality of picture. This smartphone is made with an excellent dual-camera too. You can get a beautifully balanced picture too when you take a picture with this camera. In this smartphone, you can find smart exposure control. It is a really good option for all of you who like to capture all things. Unfortunately, you still can find some weaknesses in this smartphone. Some people feel so bad with this smartphone because this smartphone is sold at a very expensive price. You will not find an ultra-wide camera option too. The other thing that made people feel bad is the poor battery life. You can decide whether you like to choose this smartphone or you can choose the next smartphone.

Huawei P30 Pro

The last camera smartphone that is offered to you is Huawei P30 Pro. This smartphone is recommended for all of you who like to capture all things by using your smartphone’s camera. This smartphone is made with a periscope telephoto feature that can take detail optically zoomed when you take a picture in distance. For all of you who like to capture all things in low light, you don’t need to worry because this smartphone is also fantastic in low light performance. When we compare with iPhone 11 Pro and Google Pixel 4, this smartphone is the best in low light performance.  Some cameras offered to you in this smartphone. You can choose to use a 40MP main lens, a 20 MP ultra-wide lens, camera for the portrait photo, and an 8 MP telephoto lens. This smartphone is made with an RYYB sensor that is used to capture more light. You can create a very detailed picture of this smartphone. It is an amazing smartphone that you can buy since this smartphone is made with 5x zoom, 10x zoom, and also digital 50x zoom. 

Although there are some good things that we can find on this smartphone, you still need to consider some bad things. This smartphone is offered with no US availability. You need to know that the images that produce with this camera can look over-saturated too. Sometime, people will experience inconsistency across three cameras. How about the price of this smartphone? When we compare with Google Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro, we will find that this smartphone is offered at less price than the rivals.

Now, you already know the best camera smartphones 2020 that are recommended, and then you can choose one that is suitable with your needs and budget.