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The Importance of Marketing for Business Development

The marketing part is a part that must be present in a business and even the marketing part is an important part of a business. Without marketing, the business will be more difficult to develop even more likely to suffer losses. For this reason, marketing has a very big role for business progress. Basically marketing has the duty to be able to market the product to be introduced to more people so that more people can know the product. However, the task of marketing is even more important, marketing is in charge of determining marketing strategies, determining products, determining product prices, distributing products and making products acceptable to consumers safely. The marketing department actually has a more complex task because it has to make consumers become satisfied with the products offered. Besides this, marketing is also tasked with generating profits for the company. For that reason, when a new product will be launched, the marketing department will usually be active in promoting the product to be known and desired by many people.

Marketing in business

To be able to do the strategy better, it is important for the marketing department to have a clear plan and strategy that will help them realize their plans. The strategy made must be considered well and must understand the risks that may arise. Knowing the risks posed will make it easier for the marketing department to be able to minimize the existing risks.

The marketing department must know the strategies that will be used to promote a product so that it can be accepted by the community. Sometimes a new product is released, it is not easy to immediately get enthusiasts. The marketing department must be able to provide its own uniqueness to the product. Especially if the product being sold has many competitors with similar products. The marketing department needs to know the advantages possessed by the product compared to other products. That way will make it easier to do marketing.

Working as a marketing means being able to be able to make a product attractive to many consumers. The more products sold, the more profits will be generated by the company. That makes marketing so important for the company.

The important task of marketing

The marketing department has many tasks to make consumers remain satisfied with the products offered, so that the marketing department is very active in conducting promotions and research related to products that are of interest to consumers. The marketing department needs to determine the target market to be able to determine consumers in accordance with the products offered. To make a product more in demand in the market, the following are the tasks performed by the marketing department

The marketing department can do market research to determine what products are popular with the public. This method can be used to determine community needs. That way the community can be helped to get the products they need. By meeting the needs of the community, a positive response will be able to increase sales figures.

Then the marketing department can also determine the production time as planned. A product that will be circulated to the public goes through various stages before entering the market. The marketing department evaluates the product.

In addition, the marketing department must also be able to determine the price of products on the market. This price consideration must be in accordance with the production costs incurred, so the marketing department must do a careful calculation before the product is distributed to the public. The marketing department must be very observant in determining prices to be able to get the right price and bring huge profits for the company.

Do not stop there, the marketing department is also obliged to distribute goods to reach consumers safely. In addition, they must also ensure that the distribution of goods can evenly cover predetermined target consumers.

The most important thing in marketing is to determine that the product can truly provide satisfaction to the customer. Customers who are satisfied with the products offered by the marketing department means that the marketing department has succeeded in carrying out their duties.

The most difficult thing is to keep the product accepted by customers is not easy. Customer tastes are always changing, so the marketing department must always be creative and innovative to be able to maintain the goods to always be in demand by many consumers. The many marketing tasks make marketing the frontline of the company. Marketing is what will affect the profit and loss of employees.