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Avoiding Android Malware – Top 5 Android Security Tips to Follow

It can’t be denied that Android users have almost limitless options for mobile applications. However, it also means that they are potential targets of malware threats. That is why adding an extra layer of security to your gadget is critical. Aside from installing a security app on your Android, there are some other ways you can minimize the risks. One thing for sure is that there are some basic security rules that Android users should follow to avoid mobile malware.

#1. Download Security Apps Only from Google Play

With the increasing consciousness of Android users related to the security of their gadgets, there are more security apps created. However, it is a bit tricky since not all of the apps are reliable ones. For this reason, it will be helpful if you turn your option to Google Play. It is a safe option since malware still tries to find its way to break the store’s security system. In this way, compared to other sources, downloading a malicious app from Google Play is considered much lower. This is because the Google reps will filter out the malware bulk even before it gets to Android users. However, turning your option to Google Play doesn’t mean that you can’t download an Android security app from other stores and trust them. It can be a safe option to take as long as they are well-known stores with a good reputation in the industry. Most of the time, a credible company comes with a strict policy of not accepting suspicious apps offered by developers.

#2. Pick Up Security Apps from Credible Developer

A large and reputable company with a famous brand will not tarnish its reputation by distributing malware. To find a trustworthy company, you should look up detailed information about the developer. This includes the full name of the developer, contact details, and list of published apps in the extended app description displayed in Google Store. As an alternative, you can also disable the app’s installation from third-party resources in the settings of your device. This will allow you to keep your Android safe from major viruses, like Trojan that usually spread via third-party websites and ads. To disable the app’s installation, you can go to Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources.

#3. Pay Attention to the Read User Reviews and Rating 

Another easy way to determine the credibility of the security app is by checking user reviews. When reading the reviews, you need to make sure that they are written by real people, not bots. It is quite easy to identify Trojan-generated reviews. They are usually simply worded and often favorable. Another indication that the reviews are written by bots is that some of them are identical. The rating of the application is also another important element that you should take into account. A high rating can be an indication that the app is good, helpful, and safe. However, you also need to be careful about high ratings since some fraudsters use Trojans to improve the rating of an app and write fake user reviews. The ratings of a trusted and genuine app rarely reach 5 points. Additionally, the reviews published usually come with more detailed information. Sometimes, it is also crucial to come across some negative reviews published by the app users. This will make it possible for you to get in touch with the app developer and find out potential issues related to it.

#4. Check the App’s Permission Requests Before Installing

The next thing you should do is pay attention to the permissions requested by the app during the installation process. You need to know that the permission system is designed as a protection mechanism for Androids. It is aimed to control how much freedom is received by the application. The permissions are then used by the application to get access to specific data and functions. You can’t install the application if the permission is not granted. Due to the data and functions that can be accessed through the permissions granted, your Android is prone to get attacked by malware. Some of the dangers that could be resulted from the permission system are the leak of personal files, contacts, locations, and more. Thus, make sure to review the specific permissions requested by the application carefully then evaluate them reasonably.

#5. Select a Trustful Security Solution

Before downloading any files or applications, you need to make sure to use a reliable security solution for your device. An informed approach is important. Before installing any application, you need to ask yourself if you really need it. It is also critical to ask yourself if the permissions requested are reasonable.