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Reasonable Things that Make Youtube the Best Platform of Social Media

At the end of the 90s the world is getting much more advanced than ever. It leads to the rapid development and advancement of technology, one of which is the internet. Social media platforms come into play at that time as well with their popularity to rise. Youtube is one of the social media platforms that have become a powerhouse within the vast scope of the internet world today. The idea of Youtube the best platform within social media scope is only reasonable. It offers many things and opens many opportunities for its users to do anything. That is the general idea of Youtube to be highly popular as of today.

A successful platform of social media is a place where creators, contents, brands, and users can get benefits from it. As of today, Youtube is the social media platform that meets that definition easily. Youtube is now the second-largest search engine in the world just below Google. More than 100 hours of videos in it are posted and shared in every minute. Those are the signs that Youtube is the best platform for social media today. What could make that happen? Check out these things that bring Youtube into what it is today.

Rewards and Recognitions

Amidst the things that make Youtube the best platform in terms of social media today is the rewards and recognitions in it. Youtube offers three different rewards under the name of Play Button for their creators. The rewards are the Silver Play Button, Gold Play Button, and Diamond Play Button. Each reward represents different levels of milestones of the creators. Each one of them represents 100,000 subscribers, 1 million subscribers, and 10 million subscribers. It takes a lot of effort and hard works to eventually get rewards from Youtube. Yet, it feels good to be rewarded like that after everything that has been done. Moreover, the rewards are attractive enough to bring some kind of investors to the channels.

Active Community Building

It is common for a social media platform to be a tool in building a community. Youtube has done that very well. Creators of Youtube content often create a group that eventually becomes a small community of Youtube creators. Within the platform of social media provided by Youtube, creators commonly support each other by making a collaboration video together. More importantly they will always respect each other in terms of the individuals and their contents on youtube. Just outside the scope of creators in Youtube, the fans and followers of certain creators will have their community as well. Youtube is a great community-building tool for both the creators and the fans.

Wider Coverage to Reach Wider Audience

Delivering a message through Youtube to a wider audience is easy. It is simply because Youtube greatly helps businesses getting the attention of potential customers around the globe. More importantly today with the help of creators, brands, and businesses find it much easier to tell audiences about their products. Just think of the many contents of gadget reviews today. That kind of content greatly helps both the brands and the users at the same time.

More importantly Youtube has its system to help posted videos to hit specific audiences. That makes Youtube the best platform for social media today. Basically within certain categories, topics, and keywords there will be the right videos to watch. Once a video about something is watched by a user there will be similar videos suggested by Youtube immediately. All in all the whole system inside Youtube is simply outstanding.

Displays Underrated Contents

As of today it is a fact that Youtube possesses a higher percentage of users in comparison to Facebook. The fact is that all kinds of content creators can be on Youtube. It is possible to post all kinds of underrated content on Youtube. Thus it is common in Youtube to find unique content about unique stuff around the globe. There is no clear distinction that contents in Youtube have to be like this or like that to be posted. Anything can be posted to be delivered to its respective audiences as long as it follows the general rules and guidelines of Youtube contents.

It is fair to say that today becoming a Youtube content creator is an active job. At some points in the future that will lead to a decent paycheck with persistence. Nevertheless, Youtube itself is a great platform for social media to do almost anything. It is only reasonable that today the idea of Youtube the best platform of social media does make sense