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How to Start An Advertising Business with A Low Budget

Do you want to start your own business but confused about what kind of business you should start? Then, you should consider starting an advertising business. Why advertising business? Because this kind of business is timeless. Every business needs an advertisement to introduce and promote the brand and product. A lot of companies manage to survive up to now thanks to the creativity of their advertisements. Through an advertisement, people will know what product is sold by the company. So, they will be attracted to buy the product. The more often the advertisement broadcasted, the more familiar people are with the product.

If you want to start an advertising business, one of the main things that you should consider is ideas. The greater the ideas you have, the more unique the advertisements that you can create. So, your advertisement will be valuable. Besides having and finding unique ideas, you should also consider the market share that you target. Even though the market share of this advertising business is pretty vast, there is nothing wrong with paying attention to the market condition. The more various advertising products you create, the more options you get into the market.

How to Start An Advertising Business?

There are so many kinds of advertising business. You can choose one depending on your budget and passion. If you have a low budget, you can start the business by selling simple products first, such as cups, stickers, banners, and so on. You can even start this small advertising business without any fund by applying the pre-order system. Offer some of your ideas to your customers and let them choose. After that, create the product according to their needs and preferences. Since you do not have a fund or budget, you can ask your customer to pay in advance. If you find your passion in this kind of business, you can focus on developing it.

Use the Internet

Take advantages from the internet to promote and market your advertising business. Online advertising businesses are easier for beginners. Especially, if you have your own personal blog or website. Besides broadcasting your own advertisement, you can also get offerings from other people who want to place their ads on your personal blog or website. Moreover, you can also cooperate with advertisement managements, such as Google Adsense or Adsense Camp. By cooperating with other advertising businesses, it is possible for you to get automatic ads broadcasted in your blog. This way, you can gradually make profits.

Use Other Media

Besides the internet, you can also use other media. Such as electronic media, printing media, and even social media. If you want to be a professional in the advertising business, you should be an expert in all of those media. Starting from the technical field in advertising to links to explore these media. This is why it will be better if you become an expert in advertising first before making a huge amount of money through the business. After that, you can choose one specific field in the advertising business. For example, you only create advertisements for food products. If your customer is a big company, you will usually be asked to be the third party because they usually already have their own marketing teams for the company’s internal needs.

Create Your Own Media

The advertising business is indeed tantalizing. If you want to start such a business, you are suggested to manage the business on your own. It will be better if you have your own media to run and develop the business so that you can reduce the cost as much as possible. Take benefits from today’s popular media, such as personal websites, blogs, or even social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.


A professional advertising business still needs a business space. Though it does not have to be spacious since the advertising business is dynamic and flexible. Most production activities are usually performed outside. But having an office will add value to your business’ image. The office can also be a place for coordination with your team to run the business.

Those are the tips to start an advertising business. The main capitals of this kind of business are creativity, techniques, and abilities to understand the market. You can join professional advertising agencies to learn more about the business. By joining professional advertising agencies, you will be able to get sufficient knowledge and experiences. Do not be lazy to keep learning so that you can be a successful businessman in the advertising business.