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Better Ways to Balance Your Social Media Life with Real Life

Well, being present in a world full of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and texting can be a bit harder. However, close them all completely does not seem a realistic option for most of us. That’s why finding ways to balance your social media and offline life are so important for a more meaningful existence.

We all know that people think that technology is our friend and make anything more convenience and make people and ideas more connected than before. Meanwhile, this is true on some levels, but in your deep down, you may think that most of the users wish we are more present in your life and do more every day. If that sounds true and more power to you if it is not, then there are some tips that you can try to balance your social media with real-life and help you to get the most out of those worlds.

You can make a rule of “no bedroom allowed” 

This one will leap the step and even brings you a step further. According to the op-ed in the New York Times, we should throw our cell phones or smartphones out of your bedroom completely. Texting at night to your friends, spending the last 30 minutes to your friends before going to bed reading a book or write down in a journal. If you love to do it this Sunday to Thursday, then you already give yourself with the two and a half hours providing the extra space for your mind in a week.

You can buy a real alarm clock instead 

In the compilation parts on practice ways to free yourself from social media addiction in Real Simple, you need to get a real alarm as opposed to your phone alarm – ranked in the top three. Thus, you can consider this thing – how often do you turn on your phone alarm just to find yourself compulsively checking your facebook or email before wake up and start your day? If you remove the cell phone from the equation, you may find yourself with a few extra minutes to get tranquility.

Start to dedicate yourself with Face-to-Face contact 

The researcher stressed the importance of spending your time to get face-to-face interactions with your friends. The study shows that ideally, social media will complement the relationships that we have in real life as opposed to replace them and this is also very important to spend time for the real chat and interactions as well. You can set up a date with your closest buddy every two weeks or making points to see a good friend in each Sunday. It will make a big difference as well.

Get the time off for surfing the web 

In the article for Inc, the author of tech named Damon Brown said that he reserved an hour each morning to gluttonizing himself on social media, it was like reading a morning paper. You can take a sit with your coffee or whatever. It does not matter if you do not go in every five seconds. Since you start to do it, it would change how productive you are and for the rest of that day. So, you can try to book a concentrated hour – no more and less – to social media every day and see how it works.

You can call and do not text your friends 

It is also worth picking up the phones and really making a call to your family or friends. In the interview with everyday health, the researcher said that the research shows people feel much better when their relationship happens face-to-face or over the phone as supposed to just go through the social media.  Well, next time you can feel the desire to stay connected, then you can try to call your friends instead of posting your thoughts online.

You can use the blocking apps or software 

In the part of NYT, Bilton recorded that there are actually apps that you can use – they will work effectively to block your computer for specific websites mean that you should not rely on your willpower only to avoid social media. This is also a great tip in your workplace or when you should be efficient with your time.

Choose a day off 

It is pretty important where you need to keep his phone and laptop off all day long. You will notice your focus level will improve dramatically. It helps you during working a lot, but it also helps your life as well. So, the tech should be ideally enhanced our lives.