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What is Cloud Server – Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting or cloud hosting is a hosting that allows you to increase server capacity at any time if the project, in the process of development, requires more resources. “Cloud Hosting” is the original name of the hosting. Servers can often be located in different countries and even on different continents but cloud servers Miami are the best servers.

Who benefits from VPS / VDS?

Potential consumers of cloud server hosting providers are owners of frequently visited Internet resources. The difference between the cloud and the rest:

  • dynamics;
  • innovative level of reliability;
  • the cost of the cloud is determined by the number of resources used.

The benefits of cloud hosting:

  • Companies that provide cloud hosting services have at their disposal dozens or hundreds of servers connected. The project, hosted on a cloud hosting, has access to all the servers of the service provider. Due to a large number of integrated servers, the problem of information availability is completely solved. If one of the servers or several fails, this does not affect the operation of the system.
  • It becomes much easier to manage the load and tariffs. The times when to change the channel width or additional processor time it was necessary to ask the technical support service – have passed. On the cloud, configured services automatically manage the reduction or increase of resources at the request of the site at the moment.
  • Increased productivity. Hosting providers now have no restrictions on the use of individual servers, the functioning of which may be impaired. To interchangeable servers, technology has been added that provides virtual access.
  • Given the capabilities of the resources used, the client can not “puzzle” in advance about the likely volumes of consumption.
  • The user pays only the real value of the resources used. This is reminiscent of payment for electricity or water supply – after all, the cost of these services is determined by the consumed volumes, the same principle and the cloud host, only other resources.

The difference between virtual and cloud hosting:

Cloud or Cloud hosting – hosting, which is provided by a network of servers interconnected. In other words, a cloud can be called cluster hosting.

The cloud is called the conditional number of federated servers, and in cluster hosting – they are called the cluster. Cloud resources – the amount of RAM and disk space, disk space is a single unit that is available to customers.

What is the difference between shared hosting and cloud?

  • Both cloud and virtual (shared) – representatives of low-cost hosting. The difference is that shared hosting uses the resources of one server, it is much cheaper. But cloud hosting is much more reliable.
  • Cloud allows users to apply more technologies, data formats, web tools, as the functioning of cloud hosting is formed by hundreds of servers, compared to virtual (shared) hosting.
  • These two hosting companies have different traffic control. In virtual – a common communication channel is distributed among all users. In the cloud – traffic stability is provided by a whole cloud of servers.