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Working principle of overt bulletproof vests

Bulletproof armour is an individual tactical protective equipment of a fighter that can safe from firearms, as well as from shrapnel wounds caused by exploding grenades. Today, this safeguarding option is the most common for military, bodyguards and police officers. Bulletproof tactical vests have an extensive classification by the degree of protection to select while buying. You can choose and buy the best items in this online store.

The need to defend oneself appeared with the advent of weapons. People invented metal plates to protect themselves and ammunition became quite complicated to make the warrior almost invincible. In the 20th century, engineers developed the first light vest for police officers. Unlike hard tactical flak jacket, the lightweight one is made of soft, pliable material, which makes wearing it much easier. It significantly reduced the risk of damage, especially at a long distance.

How can the overt vests stop a bullet

If you are looking for the bulletproof vest to buy, you should know how it works. The basic idea of tactical police armor is quite simple. In fact, safeguarding material is just a very solid network. Its working principle is to extinguish the energy of a bullet to zero and keep the human body in safety due to plates. The US manufacturers need to do everything possible because the only way to save a person from a shot at point blank range is to distribute energy over a large area and reduce chiseled pressure.

Modern overt tactical police armor from US manufacturers is a multi-layer sleeveless bulletproof vest design, protecting the chest and back. The protection of the tactical overt vest does not cover the arms for the simple reason that this area is not enough to completely extinguish the force of the bullet. It means that instead of a centimeter hole, the person’s arm will be broken and the bone will fly into chips.

The basis of flak jacket protection that our manufacturers make are:

1. Case.

2. Soft ballistic protection.

3. Plates.

Depending on the desired degree of protection, the plates are made of different materials by US manufacturers. They can be ceramic, steel, or fabric. The cover is made of high-strength, waterproof fabric, which is resistant to thermal effects and does not collapse during intensive pressure in the field of operations.

How to select and buy overt body armor

If you are interested in buying overt bulletproof vests you should choose the one of the highest quality. The bulletproof armour that our manufacturers offer in this online store provide reliable protection of the upper body, thanks to the use of the strongest materials. The items allow maintaining the integrity of the most important human organs.

These overt vests are handy, reliable, everyday body armors designed especially for police officers. A durable bulletproof armour is capable of withstanding the highest pressure. The design of the vest provides regular special anchorages for body cameras, tokens, radios or whatever you choose. This allows the equipment to be secured in places where they will be most conveniently accessible. The cummerbund is removable and comes with additional anchorages for selected magazines.

The overt police vest has a ventilation, which is combined with the function of the damper. This will reduce interference, as well as increase the lifetime of the vest, thanks to its powerful ducts for heat dissipation and passive cooling of the body. You can choose and buy the most suitable item in this online store browsing the catalog or asking the purchase assistant.