3 things in technology that will give an impact of cyber security and 6 top of cyber security in 2019

The cybersecurity refers to the important part of technologies, processes and practice to protect the networks, data, and device from the threat or unauthorized. It relates to the security of information technology. The cybercriminals can threat data integrity. The cybersecurity is important for the government, financial companies of all filed to protect the data on the computer. It is the aspect of challenges cybersecurity is network, data, application etc. the challenge of cybersecurity is the risk of security. For example, when early March in 2013, the nations of intelligence official gave the announcement that cyber will give attacks and digital is the main threat to security in National, it is eclipsing than the terrorism.

In era modern or technological development, there are many cybercriminals happened. Those are the simple problem in cybersecurity. The cybercriminals will send the malicious by using encryption script and it can be a threat to the system of information. It led to the impact of cybersecurity and this is important to prevent the risks of information system which hack by hackers.  People need to know the 3 things in technology that will give an impact of cybersecurity:

Cloud technology 

The technology develops the cloud system which set to give a significant impact on the security system. The cloud system generally used the biggest Business Company to save the data that they create every day. There is much security of information system will be improved in the cloud. The data will save in cloud and virtualized firewalls will be used from the cloud. The cloud will secure the data of business enterprises.

Hardware authentication 

The password and username are to protect the data users, but it is weak. It is easy for hackers to access the system of information of business enterprise or agency. The impact of cybersecurity can make a process of authentication in the device. Hardware authentication can connect so that there is connectivity for the particular network.

Deep learning about technology 

Artificial intelligence needs to deep learning because it has the purpose of technology system security. To keep learning about the machine or AI should be developed to protect the system and avoid the threat of system security.

To protect the impact of cybersecurity, there are top 6 cybersecurity companies in 2019, those professionals companies in 2019, the institution, government, financial, healthcare etc can use the services or product of the professional companies to protect the data:

  1. Gigamon, Network Security 

This company is cybersecurity which located in Santa Clara, California. This company can help the protection from the threat in services and digital applications. Paul Hooper as CEO has successfully made Gigamon development by creating the application intelligence. This is a company which most trusted in network security.

  1. Fortinet

Have you ever heard the Fortinet? It is a company which categorize in cybersecurity software. This company was developed in 2000. The Fortinet offers security products and services in information technology. This company develops the software of cybersecurity, antivirus etc. as the old company, Fortinet already gives an impact of cybersecurity with the appropriate system. One of them is FortiGate. It is a platform firewall to give protection for networking. The company located on Sunnyvale, California.

  1. BlackBerry 

The third company give an impact on cyber security is BlackBerry. No one does not know about this company, this is a popular company in the world because it is used as an icon of devices. This company also provided cybersecurity services and trusted. It is located on Waterloo, Ontario.

  1. Valimail 

This company is focused on email security which location in San Francisco, California. People can get guaranteed to protect the email. In 2015, the Vaimail had built cloud security to get the authenticity of emails. This professional company already help the biggest company to protect their email such as Rework etc.

  1. Avast

The professional companies are located in Prague which focused on business and consumer cybersecurity. Avast was founded in 1998. It led to help the software security, machine and AI. The Avast makes a product to protect cyber-attacks to hack the data.  The program or product also can facilitate the learning and improve to make the AI engine. Avast tries to improve the cybersecurity to detect and stop the hackers of cybersecurity.

  1. A-LIGN 

A-LIGN is located on Tampa, Florida that field in information security and cyber risks. It offers security data. This is a cyber-company will rapid growth especially in increasing of the employees.  A-LIGN has the credibility and already recognized global in cybersecurity and privacy solutions. Thus, this company also give an impact on cybersecurity.