iPhone Won’t Send Pictures: Top Troubleshooting Guide

Do you try to send images using your iPhone but it doesn’t get delivered? You might be using a variety of apps such as Photos, Messages, or other messaging applications. However, nothing really works at this point in time.

Your iPhone always says “Not Delivered”. Plus, it shows an exclamation point within a circle. Or, your photos just won’t push through until it’s sent. It becomes stuck halfway and you’re never able to send your image completely.

In this guide, we’ll give an explanation as to why your iPhone can’t send pictures. In addition, we’ll tell you how to fix the said problem. Let’s get started.

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What You Should Know Before Starting With The Main Troubleshooting Course

Before we actually begin, you should figure out the reason why the iPhone doesn’t send images. In order to do this, you should answer two different questions:

  • Your iPhone can’t send on which platform, standard text messages OR iMessage?
  • Your iPhone won’t send pictures to a single person or to everybody?

Your iPhone Can’t Send On Which Platform, Standard Text Messages Or iMessage?

When you try to send text messages that might include pictures, it can be done on multiple types of apps or platforms. In this case, we’ll focus on regular text messages and also iMessage. What’s the difference between the two? The Messages app allows you to send iMessages and appears as blue bubbles. Regular or standard text messages are displayed in green bubbles. You have to know how to differentiate between the two.

These two different platforms can actually work seamlessly together within the Messages application. However, standard text messages and iMessages utilize two different technologies in order to send images.

iMessages are being sent through Wi-Fi networks or wireless mobile data plans that you opt for with your carrier. Regular text messages that might include pictures are sent out using the text messaging package you bought with your mobile carrier.

If your iPhone won’t send pictures, the problem is with either standard text messages or iMessages. Take note of the “OR.” The problem doesn’t appear on both platforms. This means that when your pictures push through in standard text messages, it won’t send through iMessages. The reverse is also true. But, if you’re experiencing issues with both platforms, you have to fix them “separately.”

To discover whether the iPhone is experiencing issues with iMessage or standard text messages, open the Messages application. After this, open a conversation where you can’t send images to. If other messages you’ve actually sent to that conversation are colored blue, the iPhone can’t send images using iMessage. If other messages sent are in color green, the iPhone can’t send images through your standard text messaging platform.

Your iPhone Won’t Send Pictures To A Single Person Or To Everybody?

Now that you’ve determined whether it’s iMessages or standard text messages that’s having issues, it’s high tide to identify if you’re having issues sending image to a single person or to everybody. In order to do it, you have to send out a picture to someone. You will send it as a test. However, it is important to take note of the following:

Before you send images, make sure you actually send it to somebody who’s utilizing an identical technology. This means, he or she has standard text messages or iMessages too. For instance, if a picture can’t be sent to somebody through the iMessage platform, send this person a test picture message ensuring that he or she has iMessages (blue-colored bubbles) too. If it can’t be sent through standard text messages (green-colored bubbles), make sure you are sending to someone whose messages are sent as such.    

If the problem involves not being able to send a message to a single person only, then the problem is on that person’s end. They might have issues with their iPhone or their own network carrier. If your iPhone won’t send pictures to everybody, the issue is with you. We’ll give you various solutions for this.

How To Fix The Issue Wherein iPhone Won’t Send Pictures Through iMessage

1. Check Your Wi-Fi Or Internet Connection

iMessages utilize the Internet in order to send messages. Thus, you have to double check your iPhone’s connection to the Internet in order to fix the issue. We have to test the connection first. In order to accomplish this, you can opt to send picture messages using your mobile data plan. Then, try to do so while connected to the Internet. For the second one, make sure the mobile data plan is turned off.

If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network and your iPhone still can’t send images, visit Settings and then go to Wi-Fi. Now, you have to turn your Wi-Fi connection off. In this case, the iPhone will now connect to your mobile data plan. When this happens, you should notice 3G, 4G, or LTE will be displayed in the upper left part of the screen.

Now, send the picture again using the mobile data network. If it pushes through, then it means you have issues with your Wi-Fi connection. Remember to turn off your mobile data plan and activate your Wi-Fi connection again afterward.

If the iPhone won’t send images through the mobile data network, then you should try another Wi-Fi network. In this case, you simply have to connect to “another” Wi-Fi network using Settings and then Wi-Fi. If the message pushes through, you have a problem with your mobile data plan. It is best to check out with your mobile carrier if they are experiencing issues or having maintenance processes at the moment.

2. Ensure The Your Cellular Data Is Activated

Visit Settings and then go to Cellular. Ensure that Cellular Data is activated or toggled on. When you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, then your cellular data plan will be used to send pictures through iMessages. Thus, if your mobile data plan is deactivated, pictures or images you send through iMessages will not push through. However, pictures you send as standard text messages or MMS messages will be sent.

3. Make Sure The Person You’re Sending A Message To Has iMessage Activated

If you’re sending iMessages to another person who’s got a newAndroid or a Windows smartphone, then it might not push through. If you switched from iOS to Android but forgot to sign out of iMessage, you won’t get any iMessages.

In this case, Apple thinks the person still has his or her iPhone with him or her. That’s why when you try to send out picture messages through iMessage, they never push through. What you have to do is to sign out of iMessage using your old iPhone or iOS device. You can do this by following Apple’s support page. It tells you how to sign out of iMessage by simply sending yourself an SMS. You then, type in the verification code online.

4. Resetting Your Network Settings

Changes made to your Settings application can mess up with your iOS device. It can be very tricky to diagnose. However, there’s a way around it. Resetting your network settings is one way to restore the settings that actually affect the iPhone’s connection to the Internet through mobile data plans or Wi-Fi networks.

Doing this won’t affect any personal information. When you’ve done this, you have to connect to your Wi-Fi network all over again. So you have to ensure that you still have the password. Here’s how to reset your Network Settings:

  • Step 01: Go to Settings and then visit General.
  • Step 02: Then, visit Reset. After this, press Reset Network Settings.
  • Step 03: Enter the passcode you have.
  • Step 04: Press Reset Network Settings again.

Now, you should try to send picture messages again using your iMessage. Check out if the problem was fixed or not.

How To Fix The Issue Wherein iPhone Won’t Send Pictures Through Standard Text Or MMS Messaging

1. Ensure That MMS Messaging Is Activated

We’ve already told you about two platforms for sending messages, iMessages and standard text messages. Now, there are two types of standard text messages, SMS and MMS. SMS is the one you used before the Internet came into play. It usually comes in as a short form of text messages up to 160 characters long. MMS, on the other hand, is longer and allows you to send pictures, audio, and video.

When MMS is deactivated within your phone, you can send regular text messages (that include written texts only). However, pictures won’t push through. To ensure that MMS is activated within your iPhone, go to Settings. Then, visit Messages. After then, make sure the MMS Messaging option is toggled on.

2. Resetting Your Network Settings

Again, you might want to try resetting your network settings. To do this, simply follow the fourth method stated above (which has the same name). In this way, you can fix your problem wherein iPhone won’t send messages through standard SMS or MMS.

3. Contact Your Wireless Network Provider

When your iPhone has cellular network problems, then the one you should go to is the actual mobile network carrier. You must contact them for help with your issue. Problems with customer accounts and even technical outages can cause your MMS messages to not push through. The only way to ensure that you actually have an issue with your service provider is to call them.

The easiest way to do this is to use Google to search for the customer support hotline of your network provider. For instance, if you use AT&T, then search the query “AT&T customer support hotline” on Google. Then, contact them for help.

What If My iPhone Still Can’t Send Pictures?

If, after doing the steps above, your iPhone still can’t send images, then it depends on whether you can’t do so with a single person or with everybody. If your iPhone won’t send pictures to a single person, then ask them personally if they can’t receive standard picture text messages or iMessages. If they can’t, then the problem is with their iPhone, Wi-Fi connection, or network carrier. To help them out, you can share this article with them.

If you think the issue is on your side, you should do the following: Delete the conversation with that person using the Messages app. Then, delete the contact information of that person on your iPhone. Next, follow the steps above on resetting your network settings. Once your iPhone has been rebooted, put their contact information within the Messages applications. After this, send them this person a picture message. If it was delivered, you can try to put their contact information back into your phone again.

If it still doesn’t work, try out our first method below, using iOS System Recovery by FoneDog tool. You’ll find that it’s the fastest and easiest way to fix it.

In Conclusion

After you’ve read this article, your iPhone might be able to send picture messages again. You can go through sending images to your friends and family. As such, you can simply follow the guidelines above to fix the issue iPhone won’t send pictures through iMessages standard text messages. The instructions are simple. And you can just follow them in order to make sure your picture messages push through. Remember, be cautious about sending messages. Try not to send your message to the incorrect person. It can be awkward.