How to Download Movies and Shows from Netflix

Apart from listening to your most loved songs from different music streaming sites or reading your favorite books as well as listening to audiobooks, surely, a lot of people are still in the look for good movies and television shows. This is where Netflix and other movie streaming services enter. 

Among the many applications and services, Netflix is definitely known as one of the most popular and most used. If you have been a Netflix user for some time now, you are probably wondering how you can have movies and shows from Netflix downloaded to your gadgets. Well, this post was actually created to give you a guide on how to do such.

Part 1: Things Needed to Download Netflix’ Movies and Shows

Netflix is very much used by several people around the world. This is where you can find the all-time favorite shows as well as the latest ones (recently released). In order to use Netflix and finally save your favorite shows to your devices, there would be a need to pay a certain fee as subscription. 

Netflix actually offers membership plans which differ depending on the number of devices which you can use for streaming, the quality and even the resolution of the shows you are to watch. If this was the case, any Netflix subscriber has the capability to download movies directly from Netflix. This would actually be one of the guides to be discussed on the next part.

In order to proceed with successful downloading of Netflix movies and TV shows, there would be a need to have the following:

  • An active Netflix account registered on a membership plan. 
  • A stable internet connection.
  • Your own gadget wherein the videos and movies will be saved. Keep in mind that if you are to use Apple devices such as iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch, all those should be functioning under iOS 9 or later. If you are using an Android device, that should be running under 4.4.2 version. In case you are using a Windows computer, you should be using Windows 10 or later.
  • You should ensure that your Netflix application is using the latest version. 

Now that we got to know the things needed to proceed, we will now head to the methods wherein you can choose from to be able to successfully download your favorite Netflix movies and television shows.

Part 2: Downloading Netflix Movies and Shows Directly From Netflix

Actually, the first way you can do to be able to download movies and shows from Netflix is to do it directly in your streaming account. Once you have satisfied all those things initially mentioned on the first part of this post, you can just proceed with steps.

Step 1: Open Your Netflix Application

Of course, the first thing that you must do is to head to your Netflix application and open it. As you arrived at your account, you will be seeing all the movies and tv shows. Keep in mind that not all you can see could be downloaded. This is why Netflix had arranged all those items which could be downloaded into a group named “Available for Download”. You just need to look for this category and this can be done by heading to the “Menu” button located at the upper left corner of your screen. You will be seeing it under the “Home” section. If you prefer not to use this category and wanted to look for movies using their titles, you can just search for it and you can easily check if such can be downloaded by just looking at the icon in it (the downward arrow).

Step 2: Begin The Downloading Process

Now that you got to find the movies and shows you ought to be downloaded, you can just proceed with the downloading by hitting the “Download” button. 

Note: If you are Android user, you just need to keep in mind that in order to proceed with successful downloading, you need to assure that if you wanted the movies to be downloaded into one storage location, Netflix should also be stored in that location. 

Step 3: Enjoy And Watch All The Downloaded Movies And Shows

Once you have downloaded and saved all those movies and shows you wanted to be saved, you can now enjoy watching those offline! Take note that all those downloaded from Netflix will be stored in the “My Downloads” section which you can easily find by hitting the “Menu” button. And, to finally watch, you can just tap on the video and hit the “Play” button. 

This method is actually too easy to follow. However, this procedure also has drawbacks. Subscribing to Netflix allows one to download movies and shows only for a time being. This means that those downloaded will only be saved temporarily. In case your subscription ends, those would also be deleted.  If you are using a plan with some members in it, Netflix also restricts the number of downloads per device. Because of the mentioned disadvantages, you are surely looking for the better ways to solve it.

Part 3. Downloading Netflix Movies and Shows By Using DumpMedia Video Downloader

The third way and most probably the best and most recommended is to download Netflix movies and shows by using an amazing video downloader tool – the DumpMedia Video Downloader.

Let us get to know more about this professional software application. 

DumpMedia has been widely known as a great tool offering both video and audio converters. It has been a great help for many users nowadays especially those who are in need. Aside from having amazing video and audio converting features, an Apple Music Converter which enables one to convert his favorite and most loved audiobooks or music to MP3 format or any other popular formats to be highly playable in any media players, and an amazing Spotify Music Converter which offers a great way to convert your favorite Spotify songs, it also has an offline Video Downloader which lets you download both video and audio files allowing offline viewing from several popular sites including Vmeo, YouTube, Facebook, Netflix, and more. Having the ability to perform batch conversion without losing the original quality of the videos and a way to extract audios from videos, you really cannot ask for more.

Now, here is a simple guide on how you can proceed with the downloading of your favorite Netflix movies and shows using this DumpMedia Video Downloader.

  1. Download and install this DumpMedia Video Downloader.
  2. Copy and paste the URL to be downloaded and input the desired format.
  3. Hit the “Download” button to begin.

Want to further dig in the method? Look at these!

Step 1: Download And Install This DumpMedia Video Downloader

Of course, the first thing that you should do is to ensure that this DumpMedia Video Downloader has been properly downloaded and installed on your personal computer. Once downloaded, you just need to open and launch the program to begin.

Step 2: Copy And Paste The URL To Be Downloaded And Input The Desired Format

Now, the next step would be the copying of the Netflix movies’ URL and pasting it at the “Copy and Paste URL” area. Once finished, hit the “Analyze” button. You would need to choose the desired output format for the video file as well as the storage location wherein it will be saved after downloading. 

Step 3: Hit The “Download” Button To Begin

Finally, you can hit the “Download” button which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once done, you can see the downloaded file under the “Finished” tab.

Part 3: In Summary

This post had tackled three amazing ways on how one can finally download Netflix movies and shows easily and effortlessly. You have an option to either perform the downloading using Netflix directly or an amazing Video Downloader tool such as DumpMedia Video Downloader.

Have you tried using any from the above? Or are you still thinking which one to use? Share your thoughts here.