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Advertising: Soft Skills in Advertising

What do you see when watching television, listening to the radio, accessing the internet on a laptop or cell phone, and even when driving? Maybe the answer that came straight out was advertising. Yes, advertising seems to have become a part of our daily lives. You will see it since you wake up, do your activities, so it is approaching when you rest at night. You might also remember a variety of advertisements that were even very popular and copywriting even stuck in the mind until now. As time goes by, if a few years ago advertising was still conventional and installed in print, radio, TV and outdoor media such as banners and billboards, now the advertisement is in digital form. Sophisticated technology leads to changes in ad formats to digital so that they can be accessed from smartphones and gadgets. Many brands now also choose digital advertising because they don’t need to spend as much money as traditional marketing, such as billboards and TV ads.

What are some important soft skills in the field of advertising? Maybe this is one of the many questions in your head so far. Some people think that soft skills are not too dominant in one’s career, but in fact as someone who works in the advertising world, soft skills are a must-have. Indeed, not everyone is suitable to work in the field of advertising, only certain types of people. If you like the rhythm of work that is fast, likes challenges, and likes to be in a creative environment, then you are suitable for working in the advertising world. Soft skills are needed by all people who work in all fields of industry, especially the advertising industry. Even soft skills often help improve one’s career for the better in a fast time.

Communication Ability

The ability to communicate does not merely compose a unique and persuasive tagline when inviting clients to work together. However, in this communication, there must be empathy and understanding of the client’s needs in creating campaigns. It takes a solid understanding of the target consumer and what they need. That way, you can create a very effective advertising campaign. This can be achieved by maximizing your ability to listen and sensitivity to others outside your social sphere.

Have Creativity

In the advertising industry, there are many different sections with their respective assignments. And whatever the role of someone in the advertising world, be it as a manager or designer, that person must have creativity in doing anything. All advertising activities present a concept in a unique and new way. Sometimes a concept that is inspired by something else, but those who move in the world of advertising are required to always think out of the box because something mediocre is not so interesting.

Good Time Management

Workers in the field of advertising must often be pursued by deadlines, it has become commonplace. Not infrequently a campaign is made for a particular moment, so the preparation for that campaign must be perfect when launched. Besides, you also definitely have to prepare presentations, make reports, and preview the desired final results. Of course, good time management skills are needed to be able to do all the tasks properly and you must be able to determine the priority scale of each task. This time management ability is a soft skill that will help someone in managing all projects being handled.

Can Make Decisions Quickly

When getting a project, it is not uncommon for us to be faced with many choices of the best methods for achieving advertising targets. Choice of words in the ad tagline, use of colors, and so on. This is where it takes one’s ability to weigh and decide on things quickly. In addition to having to quickly decide on something, the decision-making process is also not arbitrary because it combines the logic and creativity of a person. It’s not enough just to have new and interesting ideas, you also have to choose the best ideas that can have a positive impact on clients and the target audience. Those who work in the advertising world will surely be trained in making quick decisions because they often deal with situations like this.

Collaborate with Others

In the advertising industry, there is no such thing as a one-man show because no matter how great and creative someone is, one cannot work on a project alone. There may be one or two individual projects that can be done alone, but when talking about projects with deadlines, surely you must collaborate with others. That is why someone who works in the advertising field must have this soft skill, the ability to collaborate with other parties. Not infrequently a project can be done well when working with other partners in different industries.