Why Choose JavaScript Over Other Programming and Scripting Languages

The programming world is awash with programming languages. This huge number of programming languages makes it hard for new developers to get started with programming or web development. Every programming language is different, but more and more developers are choosing JavaScript over other languages. What makes JavaScript so unique and why are so many developers going for it?

What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is not really a programming language, at least it did not start off as one. At its core, JavaScript is a scripting language that tells the browser how to behave. This was its original intention. As more features have been added to it, it has become so powerful and versatile that it is now everywhere. This is one of its biggest strengths.

JavaScript Is Everywhere

JavaScript has become so powerful that it can be used to build almost anything. You can find it in your browser, on a server, in games and even on your Android and iOS applications. Developers, especially web developers, love JavaScript because they can use a single language throughout their applications stack. They can use it to build websites using frameworks such as React and Vue, then run the databases that support these websites and web apps using Node JS. Any company that offers node JS development services saves time and money using JavaScript as their programming language of choice.

When the same developers have to build the Android and iOS applications that might support these websites, they just build them using JavaScript and they don’t have to waste time learning a new programming language or spend money hiring a Java developer, for example.

JavaScript is Easy to Learn

JavaScript comes with fewer and simpler programming constructs than most other programming languages. Because of this, there is a lot less to learn, which makes it very easy to get started with JavaScript programming. Because modern JavaScript uses what is known as object-oriented programming, it becomes even easier to master, especially if you are coming from another programming language.

Fewer Lines of Code and Reusability

Modern JavaScript is built on the notion of “do not repeat yourself”. Therefore, JavaScript encourages programmers to write as few lines of code as possible and reuse theirs or someone else’s code. This is made possible through packages and package managers. These packages are backed by a huge community, so you can expect to find scripts and code for almost any programming issue you face. This large community with its need to share is code also encourages beginners and takes them into the fold.


Because JavaScript is an event-driven language, it uses fewer resources than most other programming languages. The ability of JavaScript to consume so little resources makes it very scalable, especially in applications that have a lot of visitors, hits, and consumers.


There are so many tools that support the learning and programming of JavaScript. Programmers can choose from many free integrated development environments (IDEs) and the open-source community also provides more tools to help any developers who may be stuck.


JavaScript is an awesome programming language. How easy it is to learn as well as the large open-source community behind it are just two of the reasons why developers choose it over other programming languages.