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Best 5 Tourist Attractions in San Francisco

San Francisco has become the most favorite city for everyone, this city located in the tip of the peninsula and lay exactly between the Pacific coast and the San Francisco Bay. A crowded city surrounded by rolling hills that close to the three sides by the water. Besides that, San Francisco also popular with Victorian architecture, summer fogs, beautiful vistas, and cable cars. And you need to remember that you have to bring warm clothes before visiting this city. San Francisco offers you endless choices when it is related to drinking, eating, and exploring. And of course, you can explore this beautiful city and find the hidden treasure such as the colorful murals, tiled staircases, cozy cafes, and views. These are the following lists for tourist attractions in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is related to a suspension of the bridge spanning the Golden Gate, which connects the Marin County that is located to the north and San Francisco itself. It took about four years to establish the Golden Gate Bridge and already been completed in 1937. Known as the longest suspension for the bridge span around the world, the Golden Gate Bridge was marked as the symbol of California and San Francisco. The orange color of the bridge is chosen in the aim to make the bridge more visible while passing the thick fog.

Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island commonly known as The Rock, this island has some functions such as for military fortification, a prison and as a lighthouse. Alcatraz Island also becomes a home that famous with its notorious criminals involving Machine Gun Kelly and Al Capone. This island also surrounded by the cold and freezing water from the San Francisco Bay, and Alcatraz was known as the place which armed at all points. While the most popular attempt was done by Frank Morris and Clarence Anglin brothers John. Nowadays, Alcatraz Island has become the most popular tourist attraction in San Francisco and for the historic site. This island is open to tours and operated by the National Park service.

Cable Cars

Cable Cars which run on the three lines in the streets of San Francisco that located between the Fisherman’s Wharf and Market streets is very popular in the world. Cable Cars are the way for a fun ride, and you can use this regularly. Cable Cars commonly available for the weekends, and of course it will take a long wait line before riding up the Powell Street. Cable Cars also become the most efficient way to go sightseeing and to go around the town. And Cable Cars belong to the tourist attractions in San Francisco.

Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park belongs to a big urban park with some criteria such as bison, windmills, lakes, museums and a carousel that make a difference among the other attractions. Golden Gate Park also 20% larger than Central Park in New York. Here, you can also do cycling, family picnic or maybe just relaxing in this park. While for the famous attractions for tourists such as the Japanese-style structures involving a tea house and the Japanese Tea Garden that having so many sceneries like ponds, plants, bridges.

Alamo Square

Alamo Square is commonly known as a place for the park and the neighborhood. Besides that, Alamo Square also is popularly known as the renowned Painted Ladies row of Victorian houses located on the east side of Steiner Street. It is also becoming a subject for several postcards of San Francisco. Furthermore, there are several pretty Victorians which encircling the park in Alamo Square. The Park in Alamo Square involves a tennis court and a playground, and it is often visited by tourists, neighbors and the dog owner. While on a bright day, you can also see the Golden Gate Bridge, Transamerica, and Bay Bridge from the center of the park.

Lombard Street 

It is situated between the streets of Leavenworth and Hyde, Lombard Street is well known as the “crookedest street around the world” and it is different from the streets in San Francisco or Vermont Street. The Lombard Street contains the eight hairpin turns which made to decrease the slope of the hill’s natural steep. Besides that, there is a limitation on the speed in this area, which is for about a mere 5 mph (8km/h).

These are the following lists for tourist attractions in San Francisco that you can visit while you are planning for a vacation. And do not forget to prepare all the things and the equipment that you will need for your trip. Have Vacation!