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Hermes, Handbags of Luxury

What makes you a real socialite? Have this fabulous bag and have your pride. Hermes, name of luxurious and prestige. When you hear the name “ Hermes ”, you shall automatically think about the most famous bag that will make you feel stunning to the most. They are coveted among the rich and expertly crafted, required 24 to 48 hours to produce 1 luxurious handbag and only five units are made every week. It takes almost a year if you won’t have this bag after you reserved it.

No need to mention about the price. It’s worth the money. With such a highly expensive, it still the most desired and loved handbag in the whole world. Famous for its vivid colors and exotic material, this handbag has been owned by countless artists and gets so much attention from fashion lovers in the world. But have you ever wonder, what makes these gorgeous handbags so expensive and worth it to be the finest collection ever. Here we tell you the perfect secret of it.

  1. Hermes is made from The Finest Leather

Try to touch this awesome leather, you will notice it is made with premium top quality leather.

  1. Hermes are all handmade

Made by hand make it perfect and specific. The skilled craftsman starts and finishes it with hand, pays close attention to the details of the handbag, made it different from another. The name of the craftsman is stamped in the bag so if it broke and brought back for repairing, the same will fix it special for you. Nice isn’t?

  1. Hermes offers specialty Skins

Crocodile becomes the best skin for Hermes’ main material, together with lizards, ostrich, goat and many more from various skin options that you can choose. The high demand for these handbags has made these animal skins very expensive.

  1. Hermes is a status symbol

By using this super expensive handbag definitely will elevate your status. Most international artists are seen using this fantastic handbag in public, which made them look more glamorous. This trend is followed by their fanatic fans around the world that increase the 15 % price of these bags. Hermes has transformed as a status symbol of Lifestyle and trend, continue to spread out the significance of prestige and luxury.

  1. Hermes is limited

There is only a limited number of this bag that has made every year because the production of these handbags has been highly controlled. One craftsman will spend one or two weeks just to finish one handbag, so in one month, he will only produce two handbags and it guarantees exclusivity. Simple philosophy applied in Hermes is that making these amazing bags will feel like building a house. Need so much attention and care. Bottom of the bag as interior and luxurious as the exterior.

  1. Ready to Queuing Now

It seems that Hermes doesn’t need to advertise when they produce something. The public is always waiting and trustful with these amazing bags. To buy Hermes Handbag you will be registered on the waiting list. Hermes doesn’t need the campaign to advertise, just simply attract Victoria Beckham, Beyonce Knowles, and Kim Kardashian and make them put this bag on their hand, suddenly women all over the world will follow their style and draw admiration for looking stunning. No wonder, there is no time for socialite to think twice about buying this product, no matter about the price, as long as it gives you pride and prestige, Hermes will always be the best standard for prosperity.

Hermes, Bags of Style and Investment

Besides as the center of the style, Hermes often saw as long- term investment. It’s much better than the gold and stock market. Hermes is considered to have a higher real return average, more than 14,2%, better than the gold or stock market. The price of Hermes Handbags is always steadily and even increased by up to 25 %. So what is the secret of this phenomenal investment? The key is because of the status symbol of this very expensive bag for elite and super-rich who loves exclusivity. This status moreover was believed affecting the market. Celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian are role models of Hermes loyal figures and their appearance in public eventually will affect their fans to follow their styles. When investing in Hermes Bag, please consider the length of investment you might get. For a long period, the expert suggests you choose neutral colors, such as black or gold because these colors are never out of style and always maintain the value. On the other hand, if you like to make short term investment, you can seek seasonal color