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Filler Treatment, yay or nay?!

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Everybody does. A woman will do everything to look pretty. Having a higher nose bridge can make you look so good but unfortunately, not everyone has not a perfect nose. With filler, you can reconstruct your nose, make it a little bit higher and look more pointed at the same time. Filler effect commonly can be seen directly, shape your nose more define

Even though most dermatologists said it’s safe for the human body, but some people don’t want to trust this method. They thought its same procedure as plastic surgery which later on will bring side effect to your body. Well, it depends on how you see this method. But for now, I will give you clear information about Filler.

The filler is so popular among women recently. Women don’t mind to hurt themselves to make them look beautiful and stay young. One aesthetic method that becomes the trend nowadays is filler. It’s hyaluronic acid gel to plump up sunken areas. People tend to use it to make lips sexier and cheeks look longer but later on it can be used to correct curves and lift your nose to be more pointed. The main base of Filler, Hyaluronic acid is safe for the human body. Dermatologists used it to rejuvenate skin because it can keep skin moist. So the ingredient of filler is safe. Previously people did rhinoplasty to reconstruct their nose. It is a complex surgery that needs more process and preparation including anesthetic, but nose filler is so simple. It only takes 15 minutes before you can get your ideal nose. That is why nose filler got its nickname “ 15-minutes nose job”

Besides Hyaluronic acid, the filler also consists of Fat graft. It is the fat cells taken from the other part of a human’s body. This procedure can last much longer because it is made from actual human fat. Its also known as lip modeling. This treatment can be done under either general anesthetic or just simply local anesthetic.

If you are curious about this method, you can try it right away. This tiny surgery gives you some benefits. First of all, the effects are just temporary. So you don’t have to worry if you don’t like the result, you can wait until three months forehead before it will disappear and go back to your normal nose again. It’s different with rhinoplasty which you can’t get your original nose shape again. Secondly, nose filler procedures require no consequences. It can be dissolved by the body naturally and even doctors can use an enzyme to dismiss the product. Safe and gives you the freedom to change your appearance anytime you wish.

Moreover, the popularity of this treatment has encouraged dermatologists and experts to develop more varieties of homegrown fillers, which competitive in price and quality, promising the best effect will only last for six months.

The Simplest Procedures  

The steps are so simple but you still need to take a local anesthetic. The doctor will apply numbing cream on that area and just need 15 minutes you will see the difference. Your pointed nose will automatically be seen clearly. It takes only two weeks for your nose to recover and look natural. More research and scientist has shown that nose fillers are one of the quickest non-invasive procedures that will give you the ultimate changes to your nose. To keep your nose look perfect much longer, you need to avoid direct sunlight for two hours after the treatment. Besides that, you also need to avoid hot and humid areas for the next seven years after the procedure. Having nose filler procedure not only enable you to have pointed and straighter nose but also shape an aesthetically pleasing nose angle. Furthermore, filler treatment can be combined with nose thread lifting treatment to give the best results and highly impact.

Besides using filler to make your nose get more shaped and defined, a dermatologist has suggested adult aged to take this procedure, such as for those who have problems with fine line, wrinkles problems, furrowed skin and pitted scars.

Small Risks and complications

Although it is safe for the human body, in some cases, this treatment still will give you some complications but it is normal and just for temporary times such as redness, itching, pain, and swelling. If you felt these four symptoms and don’t recover for three days or even get worse, you must consult with your previous doctor who did the therapy. Especially if you had these worse symptoms: such as infection, bruising, flu-like symptoms, nodules or bleeding.