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You tuber, Making Money As Simple As That!

Youtube is so phenomenal. This video sharing channel has tremendous effects on people nowadays. Every minute, more than 200 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube from all over the world. Any kind of video you can find there. You name it, they’re gonna show it! Science, Technology, Film, Music, Entertainment, Education, Gossip, everything. People can upload their videos, called Vlog stand for video log. It contains everything they want to share including daily activities. What makes Youtube so popular is not only because people can be as celebrities when they put their videos on it, but at the same time they can money. There is no limitation and prohibition to become Youtuber. If you watch your classmates or neighbors on Youtube, you can also be like them. Just make your video and upload it on Youtube, and Voila..! You are Youtubers now.

Probably some of you have heard stories about people who make money on Youtube and you just thought you can be like them and it’s not as difficult as you might think but it’s not as easy as it seems. All you have to do is make interesting content to do that person attracted to watch it and become your subscribers. Let me tell you more about these fabulous steps.

  1. Make and build your Youtube Channel

This channel belongs to you as the home yard and you can make it by using Google mail. Please put keywords to make an easier way for your viewer to watch your video. The keyword has to be relevant to your content. Use the simple keyword, short and original.

  1. Fill with Interesting Content

This is the most important step. Your content will determine how many people will see it. If it is interesting, you will get many viewers. Make sure to make a high-quality video with a reasonable duration. Try to upload videos regularly to maintain your viewers. Each video that you make has to be better each day. The key is Practice Makes Perfect. Later on you’ll find out how to make a good video. To improve your content you need to use tripod, light, better camera or better editing techniques. The more high-quality video content that you have, the more it will attract more viewers. Uploading new videos regularly will set up a loyal audience for you. To bind this viewer, Youtube provides subscribe techniques, so every time you are uploading new content, your subscribers will get the notification.

  1. Get an audience

Gaining more audience is key for increasing the monetization. The more people watch your video, it will bring money through ads on it. To get more subscribers you need to make the best video and automatically those viewers will follow you.

  1. Monetize the videos

Monetizing money means earning cash from your content and Youtube will put ads on your content.

  1. Meet the requirements

To start earning money, you need 4000 watch hours for the last 12 months and 1000 subscribers. Just click the “ Monetization tab” and checking the “ monetize with ads” box. Soon you will get the money.

  1. Make Google AdSense

Arrange Google AdSense at the AdSense website to start your account. Provide information about your bank account or PayPal so they can transfer the money

  1. Check Your Analytics

After your content being watched and seen, you can analyze how they are performing by clicking the analytic option. It will give you a short information about how much money you earn, viewers, demographics, ad performance, etc. After analyzing your video, you can change your target market and your content if you think the viewers are not interested as you might want. Change to something popular and hype among the target market and see if it attracts more audience.

  1. Sell your videos in another place

Besides Youtube, you can put your content on a website, blog or social media sites. Viewers are so important to get more cash so you have to sell and promote your content to other places. Spreading the link of your content on the internet so you can increase the opportunity to gain more viewers.

  1. Be a Youtube partner

If you already become famous YouTubers who have a large audience, so you can be called as YouTube Partner. It means you can win prizes for several viewers that you got. Besides that, the YouTube partner will give you some privileged to more content creation tools and get some tips to increase monetizing video. Don’t hesitate to apply for this partnership, but the requirement is you must have 15000 cumulative watch hours for your channel for the last 90 days.