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Ultimate Tips for the Best Hydroponic Farming System to Grow Plants

If you are interested in hydroponic farming systems, you need to learn several things in advance. Equipment is one of the most important things when it comes to growing plants with the hydroponic system. Fortunately, various types of hydroponic systems are now available on the market. You can choose one according to your budget, experience, and needs for gardening.

You will notice that some of the essential equipment units are similar from one type of hydroponic farming system to another. It is advised to choose basic tools that have been adjusted with gardening requirements. It will help to make the work of the system much easier while promoting the best results.

Here are the tools you need to prepare. We also provide some useful tips so you will get the best result possible.


The reservoir is used for holding the water. The water is the place where all nutrients gathered before supplied to the plants. Also, the reservoir is the basic of hydroponic system. It also keeps the plants awash with minerals and moisture. The reservoir is available from the expensive commercial type up to the simple bucket type, depending on the budget and operation size.

So, how do we do to prevent evaporation?

You should make sure that the reservoir you buy has a lid. The lid is used for preventing evaporation. Other than that, metallic is not recommended for a reservoir considering it could distribute harmful minerals to the nutrients that will be supplied to all plants.

Water Pump

You need to provide adequate water and minerals to stay alive. This is when you need to work together with a reliable water pump. There are two types of water pumps on the market, the submersible and non-submersible one. The submersible type is installed right inside the nutrient solution. Meanwhile, the non-submersible type is installed outside.

Water pumps are also categorized according to its GPM or Gallons per Minute rate and GPH or Gallons per Hour rate. If the setting in your hydroponic garden is small, you need a pump that could deliver 40 GPH. Besides helping your plants to get an adequate amount of water and nutrients, the system will not cost much as well.


Most systems of hydroponics will require the presence of a timer unless you use the most basic one. A timer is needed to assist with anything you need to make the system works. For example, you use a timer to manage lighting, ventilation, and watering cycles.

There are two main types of timers available on the market. Analog units are simple yet affordable. However, if you need something more advanced, the digital type will suit you. Other than that, the digital timer will allow you to have more accurate timing.


Lights indeed affect the growth of your plants. It is important to have the right lighting systems to ensure growth. LED lights alone will not be able to supply adequate lighting to the plant considering natural light provides the spectrum needed for the growth.

We highly recommend you to purchase lighting system for plants like the Metal Halide. Metal Halide lights provide the closest spectrum of light to sunlight. On the other hand, you also need a blue light proportion to support vegetative growth. This is why you might need to use both lights.

Growth Media

As we all know, the hydroponic system does not give any place for soil. However, we still need growth medial to support the growth of the plant. The media, on the other hand, should support the aeration for the roots, facilitate proper drainage, and anchor the plants. In this case, your options would be coconut fiber, vermiculite, gravel, bark, perlite, and polyurethane foam.

The media should be dense enough so it can anchor the plant properly without hindering both air circulation and nutrient solutions. It should also be able to hold nutrients and moisture long enough. Meanwhile, it should be sterile more than anything.

pH Test Kit

to maintain the nutrient solutions on its best condition, you should monitor and maintain the pH balance. We highly encourage you to keep the pH level between 6 and 6.5. Even though some systems could work well with a higher or lower pH level, we do not want to take that risk after all.

The pH test kit is affordable compared to other hydroponic system tools we have discussed above. However, since you do not need to worry about the soil, you need to prepare the equipment and learn thoroughly to have a great hydroponic farming system in your home