The 5 Best Portable Greenhouse Reviews

The presence of portable greenhouse has helped many people to grow plants out of season. If you are looking for the best one, we will show you our review about 5 best greenhouses available on the market.

Since people today show a more enthusiastic attitude towards gardening, the portable greenhouse becomes one of the most popular things today. Other than that, greenhouses have made anything possible even though the weather is currently harsh and impossible. So, here are our reviews of several greenhouses in portable shape.

Why should We Use a Greenhouse?

As we have mentioned above, you can grow fruits, veggies, and other plants out of season. You can even grow exotic plants as well. As long as you know how to utilize and incorporate the greenhouse well, you can always harvest fresh ingredients from your greenhouse.

When winter comes, you will be able to have fresh flowers from your garden. Greenhouses make you worry less about pests and animals. Also, it could be an aesthetic element for your home.

The Best Portable Greenhouse

#1 Ohuhu Small Walk-In Plants Greenhouse

If all you care about is the best environment for your plants, this one should be on your top list. We like this unit because the tubs resist rusts and the size is one of the biggest ones on the market. There are 6 wired shelves available so you can organize all tools and plants inside.

The doors are rolled-up zipper so the access is very easy. It provides optimum circulation. Also, the parts are detachable while no tools are needed to build the greenhouse.

However, the shelves are too lightweight so it might not suit big pots and plants. The connecter is not labeled while the price is a bit expensive compared to others in the class.

#2 Quictent Pop-Up Greenhouse

This unit is easy to set up and one of the best portable greenhouses on the market. The materials are eco-friendly and waterproof while providing excellent UV protection. It comes with 6 stakes to support the greenhouse. It only takes 5 minutes to assemble the whole product. Since the material is transparent, you do not need to worry about sunlight exposure.

However, this unit is not as sturdy as other greenhouse units in the class. Still, you should consider this unit on your list considering how great the performance offered is.

#3 Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse

This unit is small so you can put it in a tiny space in your home or yard. The materials used are durable and considered as one of the most durable portable greenhouses on the market. It comes with some shelves to organize your greenhouse.

The assembly process is easy and quick with no tools required. If you want to add another stability feature, you can add some metal stakes and guy ropes available inside the box. The price is affordable in the class while you can use the unit for seedlings.

However, the construction is not as sturdy as other greenhouses in this class. Also, the cover fit is considered too tight for some users.

#4 Super Buy 4 Shelves Portable Mini Outdoor Greenhouse

If you also want to give a stable home for your plants, this unit might be something that suits you. The materials resist rust and it comes with transparent plastic cover. It allows the plants to get exposed by direct sunlight as well.

The unit is easy to assemble. Since the frame is made of steel coated with green powder, it will be a sturdy yet stable base for plants. It comes with 4 shelves to accommodate your plants.

However, the materials are a bit flimsier compared to other brands. Also, the transparent plastic cover is not transparent enough.

#5 Abba Patio Portable Hexagonal Walk-In Greenhouse

This one looks very classic and beautiful while providing the best function a greenhouse should give. If you are a serious gardener, this one might be something you are looking for.

It comes with a transparent cover with a UV protector and waterproof feature. Also, the material is pretty durable. The cover allows a better illumination while the design allows users to move it around.

Guy ropes and pegs are included in the box for stability. Its 70 sq. ft. floor area comes with a zipper door for easy access.

However, it is not the best one for areas with high wind level. Also, the price is a bit more expensive than other brands when it comes to a portable greenhouse.