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The Logitech Device for Best Video Conferencing Experiences

Video conferencing system has turned how the business world works. It sounds exaggerated, but this is the reality. This system improves company productivity, teamwork as well as reducing the cost and time for holding or attending the meeting. Of course, to get the best from this advanced system, a good video conferencing device is necessary. This is where Logitech meetup and Rally come as the best option.

What is Logitech Meetup?

Logitech Meetup is a unique device made by Logitech for facilitating your video conferencing purpose. If we have to simply describe it, it is a device where the camera, microphone, and speaker are added in one device. As you can see from this description, if you have a device that has those three elements, you don’t need too much space and equipment, which gives you many benefits. You save more space, spend less money, and it is much simpler to use.

Logitech Meetup Features

Logitech adds many great features in the Meetup model. However, if we have to choose our favorite features, there are four features that we can explain to you.

4K Ultra HD

One of the best features is its ability to produce 4K Ultra HD format video. Therefore, if you combine this device with 4K TV or monitor, you will get the best video quality for video conferencing meeting. You even feel that it is like you see the other person on the other side directly. Some people even say that it’s like talking with other people behind a real window.

Optional Expansion Microphone

Logitech Meetup is equipped with 3 high-quality microphones. However, if you think that they are not enough, you also can use the expansion microphone to place the microphone closer to the person or group that join the meeting. It ensures that their voice will be captured by the microphone and avoid some miscommunication.

120 Degrees Angle View

The camera installed in Meetup is specially-designed. It can capture 120 degrees wide angle. If you place this device on the front side of the meeting room, all the meeting participants will be seen on the monitor. It gives the participant of the meeting a better experience.

Big Speaker

The 400 millimeters long Meetup mostly consist of the speaker. Therefore, the sound quality is also top-notch. In short, this device will give you everything that you need for having a long-distance meeting through video conferencing technology.

Logitech Rally and Its Features

This is another amazing video conferencing device from Logitech. There are two important parts of this device, which are the mini camera and two pieces of speakers. Each part is separate parts. So, you can adjust or place each part on the location that you like to maximize its performance. This adjustable feature also makes it easier to adjust for any size of the room, seat location as well as the number of people that join the meeting.

Many people doubt this device capability when they see the mini camera that it uses. However, Logitech chooses the latest technology for the camera. Therefore, even though it is only a mini camera, it can capture the best quality video as well as a wider angle, similar to the Logitech Meetup.

For your convenience, Logitech Rally is also equipped with remote control. With the remote control, you can easily adjust the angle, sound and other features from afar. It’s very helpful when you have to hold the meeting in the big size room where you are presenting the topic and stand afar from the device.

The other amazing features are smart cable technology. Many similar products don’t have this feature. It may look simple and not that important. However, it can change the atmosphere and help you and the other participant to enjoy the meeting. This technology will make the cable isn’t easy to notice. You won’t see the messed up cable behind the device that you connect to the monitor.

Another great addition is CAT6 technology. If you want to share files, data or other information, you can use this technology/feature to transfer them to the people that are having a video conference with you.

The Bottom Lines

The bottom line, the video conferencing device is an important part of your video conferencing system. Choosing the best one, as we mentioned above, Logitech rally and Logitech Meetup is necessary, if you want to avoid the problem and give a better meeting experience for your team as well as your business partner.