Best IP Phone Service and Why You Should Use Them

Communication is an important part of the business world. You can easily find many cases where a business deal failed because of miscommunication. The problem also can happen inside a company, where every document has a communication problem that makes them unable to work effectively. The effect is it decreases the productivity of the company and the quality of the production. Therefore, a business communication system such as Yealink Business IP Phone and Yeastar Mypbx system is needed.

What is Yealink Business IP Phone?

As its name implies, this service provides a VoIP phone device and system for a business or company communication system. So, what makes it different than the standard phone line? The Yealink VoIP offers more benefits that you won’t get from an old standard phone. For example, this system is easy to install and adjust.

Yealink, the company that provides this service, even offers the auto-configuration service with this VoIP. It means once you install the phone system, you don’t need to spend too much time to find the right setting for it. It will automatically adjust its setting with your company needs or the current communication system that you use in your company.

Yealink also said that their product and service are suitable for all companies. They design it to be easy to use, even though they use the advanced and latest technology. It means you don’t need special skill or expertise to use it. Everything is ready to use once you installed the system. This is maybe another reason why this company product and service become the most popular communication service in Dubai, where this company is located and operated.

Yeastar Mypbx or IP PBX System

Yeastar is another telecommunication company that provides a similar service as Yealink. One of the most popular service and product from them is the IP PBX phone system. This phone system also uses similar technology base as the previous service we explained above. The IP based phone like this is proved to be the best choice if you want to get the best connectivity within your company.

The best thing about the service from Yeastar is its compatibility with many kinds of service and application. For example, if you use Linkus app, you can connect it with this phone system. Moreover, it also can be integrated with the common service, software, and application that many companies use, such as Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook and many more.

Moreover, Yeastar also offers many features within its MyPBC telephone system, such as:

  • Voicemail – you can easily manage the voicemail just like an email.

  • The message system – Yeastar Mypbx also has a unique feature to retrieve the voice message. You can see it on the extension display that comes with IP PBX.

  • Forward call – the system allows you to forward the call easily to your phone, mobile phone, and even the phone in your office.

  • Conference call – the conference call can be used easily. If you plan to hold the conference call meeting, this system helps you to do it faster.

In short, the Yeastar system can help you to simplify the communication system in your business. It has all the features that you need. Now, you don’t need to worry about the problem that occurs because of miscommunication.

The Benefits of Using IP-Based Phone System

Now, you know two of the phone system service that can be considered to be the best on the market you can use. The real question is what can you get from using those services? There are many benefits from that system.

  • You can save more money.

  • Easy installation and it doesn’t need too many cables. You only need a network and internet connection, and you can use the phone system.

  • The portability benefits are other great things you can get from using the IP-based phone system. It means that if you plan to move your office to other areas, you don’t need to find and use the new phone service, which can cost a lot. You can still use the IP-based phone service because it uses the internet, which you can access in your new office location.

  • The sound quality is also much better than the standard phone system. This will give you the best experience.


It doesn’t matter whether Yealink IP Phone or Yeastar IP PBX System that you use, you have a great system installed in your company. This will be your best decision to improve your communication system. Moreover, it can help you to improve your business as well.