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Leather Portfolio: The New Wave of Office look


Today we are going to discuss a necessity that complements your office wear and enhances your professional look. We all are aware of this fact that office wear is something so mandatory and vital that we can’t afford any compromise and it can’t be overlooked. Every time we appear for interviews or even daily workdays, we want to look more professional and more put together. 

This is the basic reason that people are so conscious regarding their dresses, hairstyles, and scents. No doubt, all the factors mentioned above are equally important and should be looked after, but there is one thing missing which makes all your efforts look dull and boring. There is a factor that can spice up your appearance and make you look the more ready and put together than ever, and this factor is a Leather Portfolio.

Leather Portfolio can make you stand out from all the crowd. It can give you that professional look and chic fashion sense that you were looking for. Gone are the days, when mere good quality dresses were enough. Today, in this age of competition, with your qualification and dressing sense, you certainly need to add up something more to make you look different and more professional than others. We are going to introduce every bit of this necessity, so you can know everything about it and can grasp its vital role.

How a Leather Portfolio is made?

In this section, we tell you some tips and tricks to make your product. We will tell you a DIY method to make you Best Leather Portfolio. But if you are thinking to go for a portfolio for office and workplace, it’d be way better to purchase it from a good online site or a famous brand store. Portfolios have become a new hit, so there is severe competition in the market which means you can buy great portfolios at the minimum price. 

So coming to the DIY method, there are some things that you are going to need to make you Leather Portfolio. These are

  • Good quality Leather
  • Tools for cutting and designing
  • Contact cement
  • Posterboard
  • Some designs copied from the internet

The first step is just to get the leather and all the tools on a table, then you have to choose any design that you like from the internet. The next step is to transfer that design to your leather. This is a long procedure where you would have to wet the leather with a sponge and follow the conventional method. Then you’ll have to cut and trim the edges according to your chosen design. 

Then you can make pockets and mini pockets, as many as you want and voila! Your Leather Portfolio is ready. The last step is to dye it with a flat dye method that you can easily learn from any YouTube video.

This was just a DIY discussion if you are interested in saving your money and want to go for a more economical and budget-friendly option. In case you want to go for branded ones, we will make you a list of the best portfolios in this article so you can check them out.

How does a Leather Portfolio work?

Now we are done with all the making discussion, let us move towards how to use a Leather Portfolio to the fullest and how does it work to make you stand out from the crowd. Leather Portfolio consists of several pockets to carry all your important papers and notes. Most of the time, these pockets are made with waterproof material so that your documents are saved in case any liquid is spilled. 

Leather Portfolio is specifically designed to carry your laptop to your office and other workplaces. This compartment is the safest of all, and you don’t have to worry about your laptop getting scratched or damaged. Now one thing is important to mention, that you may not want to carry the same portfolio everywhere. This would not create the desired impression and you would be surrounded by highschool vibes, which is the last thing that you want. So here to sort it out for you, we are going to explain some different types of Leather Portfolios to let you carry this fashion necessity like nothing else.

These portfolios can be

  • Briefcases
  • Messenger Bag
  • Traditional Briefcases

So to sum it up, briefcases are the best choice for office work and to get that desired professional look. Next, on the list are the messenger bags which are the latest hit in the market, they look trendy and super cool while they provide you the maximum space to carry all your documents and laptop. Traditional Briefcases are the most spacious and best for the people who are looking for a more versatile option.

Advantages of a Leather Portfolio:

The Leather Portfolio has so many plus points that you should make it a mandatory part of your personality. Some of the pros are

  • It gives you that chic and trendy look that would make you look unique and different
  • It is a great option to keep all your documents with you with no fear regarding losing anything valuable
  • It keeps your laptop safe and scratch-free
  • You can take it anywhere you go as it not solely confined to serve office purpose only

Because the Leather Portfolios have taken over the market, manufacturers have come up with many impressive modifications and changes so there is a wide variety waiting for you in the market. It all depends on your budget and your choice. 

Facts and figures:

Since many celebrities have been seen carrying a Leather Portfolio, it has become a status symbol so the demand has shown an incredible increase. On Amazon, many local sellers sell cheap but good quality portfolios, and they earn good profit through it. Only the online sale shows a budget of 2.7 billion dollars, so this business deserves one shot. You can get all the important information through various business and marketing websites.

Best Leather Portfolios of the Year:




This portfolio is made up of the best quality genuine leather. It has various pockets and several compartments for pens. The best thing about this Leather Portfolio is that it is spacious enough to carry all your important documents without wrinkling or folding them. 

The next important feature is that it has zipper pockets on the inner side so you can carry your dollars too without any fear. It comes in various designs and colors, and they all are so classy that you would want to buy them all. One exciting feature is that they also make customized Leather Portfolios, so you can choose any design after your heart. It has separate compartments for credit cards, business cards, and ID cards. It is easy to carry and complements your office wear like nothing else. The customer reviews are also extremely satisfying and the rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. 

Their customer service is also excellent and is always ready to answer any query, hence the brand is also trustworthy.

Coming to the price section, it costs you around 40 dollars and is easily available on different online sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. You can visit their official website and choose any design from a wide variety of different colors. The price is budget-friendly so there can be no hullabaloo regarding your budget.




Saddleback is a well-known name in the world of Leather Portfolios and no discussion is complete without adding it in the list. So here we are, the most important and exciting feature is that it is the only brand that offers you a hundred-year warranty. Yes, you read it right. Such confidence attracts the customers and most of the time, the demands for Saddleback Leather Portfolios are always touching the sky. 

It may not be budget-friendly, but it is not that expensive. Even if you buy it, people would think that you invested a fortune in buying. It is easily available on Amazon with a price of almost 85 dollars, and the customer reviews are also satisfying. It gives a real masculine and polished look so it simply should be on your list.




This portfolio is especially for those who are layman and have never tried a portfolio before. This portfolio comes in a variety of elegant designs and colors which would make your appearance more polished and modern. This Leather Portfolio is spacious and lets you store every important document. It possesses genuine leather and the precise stitching looks extremely graceful.

It is easily available on Amazon and different online shops. It costs you only 40 dollars and the used version is really good quality costs 28 dollars. You can check out every feature by searching it on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • Do Leather Portfolios come in different sizes?


Yes, Leather Portfolios are available in a variety of sizes. You may choose a traditional one or a messenger bag.


  • Can university students use Leather Portfolios?


Yes, you can easily store all your paperwork in them and carry them wherever you go.