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What Nobody Told You About Going Through a Part-Time MBA

What is a part-time MBA?

A part-time MBA is a Master of Business Administration degree which a postgraduate can undertake alongside working full-time, and they are sometimes referred to as weekend or evening classes.

They’re also a good option for anyone who is a parent or has any other demanding commitment which requires more of their time. Many education institutions offer part-time MBAs to anyone with a busy schedule, and for them, it can be the only option.

As well as this, it is a great one for people who want to have their degrees paid for by the firm they work for – many businesses are happy to cover the partial, or total, cost of an MBA in order to get their staff to a top-notch standard with cutting-edge skills, which is vital for business in order to become leaders in their chosen industry.

A part-time MBA then, is in summary, a Master of Business Administration degree offered to students who want to study in their spare time, at evenings or weekends, in order to obtain their degree.

Can anyone do a part-time MBA?

Anyone can do a part-time MBA as long as they are a postgraduate and pass any admission test involved. The courses are demanding and intense, and what nobody tells you about going through a part time MBA is that the pressure they surmount to is just part of the process and will have to take some getting used to.

It’s never easy studying and working at the same time, but an MBA is an intense degree and one which is not to be taken lightly. There’s going to be times you would rather sit there and binge-watch Netflix for example, instead of hitting the books or writing an essay.

Noting that this is simply an inevitability which will have to be overcome is pivotal in helping you to manage the overwhelm that comes with studying an MBA alongside a more full-time commitment. As well as this, you’ll soon realize that your personal skills, when it comes to discipline. will need to be your superpower in helping you achieve your goal of obtaining an MBA with a good grade overall.

Are part-time MBAs as valuable as full time MBAs?

Despite all of the above, a part-time MBA is every bit as valuable as a full-time MBA due to the nature of the course and the topics within the modules that students learn.

It’s a highly sought-after degree with a lot of emphasis placed on management in the world of business and the skills needed to achieve this.

If anything, a part-time MBA is arguably more valuable than a full-time MBA degree due to the mashup of practical learning with theory. Many renowned institutions offer part-time MBAs that are directly focused on the world of business. Establishments like the Hult international Business School for example, are a very good choice as the modules are more heavily focused on the application of practices within business overall.

Is the quality of teaching for a part-time MBA the same as a full-time MBA?

Part-time MBA learning is not to be underestimated as a full-time MBA’s lesser equivalent – it’s a key to a door that was previously locked and a stepping stone for professionals looking to further their careers or become experts in their field.

To make it in the world of business, you need to be ahead of your competitors and to do this, you need to know more than they do about the world of business so that you can get ahead on the latest softwares and technologies and utilize these before your competitors beat you to it – whether you’re a company or a professional.

A part-time MBA is a fantastic route into advancing yourself and upping your current skillset. That’s why a lot of firms are more than happy to pay for their staff to take a professional qualification like an MBA in order to make them the best at their job.

There’s nothing you can learn from a full-time MBA that you can’t learn from a part-time MBA, it really just depends on your level of discipline and how badly you really want to get that MBA. Self-study is never easy, and it’s about breaking down your own barriers in order to overcome them and get what you want, which is overall an important life skill for students and non-students alike.

It’s worth checking out whether or not you can afford the time to take a part-time MBA by looking online and checking the modules of the establishments you think you’d like to study with.