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Stellar Data Recovery Professional Review

Having data recovery software installed in your PC or laptop is a good thing to do. You won’t know when you will get a problem that can make you lose access to your important data. Moreover, it will become a bigger problem, if your important data was deleted. However, if you have data recovery software, you can easily solve this problem and get your files back. Among many data recovery software products, one of the best and popular software is the Stellar Data Recovery Professional. So, what can this software do for us? Let’s take a look.

The Features

First of all, just like other software, the first thing we have to see to determine whether this software is good or not is its features. For Stellar Data Recovery software professional version, we can say that it has all features that we need to recover data. Some of them can be considered a unique feature you won’t find elsewhere. Here they are as you can see on the Product Page of this software:

–        Optical Media Recovery

Just like its name, this feature allows you to recover data from optical media, such as CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc or other similar media. This is a very useful feature you can find because mostly, we will throw away and buy the new one if our CD or DVD got scratch on its surface and become unreadable. With this feature, at least you can save more money and important data. Moreover, you also can back up the content for future usage. For example, if you want to recover your damaged movie DVD, this feature helps you to do that.

–        Email Data Files Recovery

This feature allows you to recover the lost or deleted email data from many email service. You can use it on Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes and many other services. Moreover, you also can recover many types of email data files from those services. So, basically, if you can’t find or accidentally deleted your email data, you can use it to get it back.

–        Disk Imaging Features

This is very innovative features that help you to recover the data from hard drives with bad sectors. Basically, this feature work by cloning the entire section of your hard drives. Then, from this image file, Stellar Data Recovery will recover the data that you want.

The good thing about this image file is this software create this image files just like the parts in the hard drive you were copied. So, the partition and of course, the location of the files are the same with what you can find in the hard drive. This method will make you recover the files easily.

The other good thing about this feature is the ability to create an image of a specific sector. It means you can only choose specific sectors that you want to recover using this feature. This is very helpful to increase the chance of the recovery process, especially if you know which sectors the file is located.

–        SMART Driver Monitoring and Cloning

This is the add-on you can install in the Stellar Data Recovery software. This add-on has the ability to monitor the hard drive. You can detect the temperature, performance, drive health and many more. Therefore, you can keep your hard drive in good condition this way. This will prevent data loss because of the hard drive failure and such.

It also has the Scan Disk feature. This feature helps you to find the bad sector in your hard drive. It will also evaluate whether you can recover the file from that hard drive. Then, the last addition you can find in this feature is the Clone Disk. This is one of the best backup features that you can use to create an image of your hard drive. So, whenever you have a data problem in your hard drive, you can use the image to recover it.

The Interface

The next thing we need to see is the interface. Stellar Data Recovery Professional has a really nice design for its interface. It’s easy to use and the placement of the icon to operate all the features and functionality in this software is easy to see and find.


Overall, Stellar Data Recovery Professional is a good software for recovering your data and files. For the first time, you can try it by download it from the Download Exe page. However, if you want to buy, there is the professional version with price at $79.99. It’s quite expensive for data recovery software. However, if you see it as investment and protection for your files, this price is worth to pay.