About golden necklace “3 no” principle

  In recent years, with the development of society, people are increasingly demanding, and women are paying more and more attention to their external image, and they usually pay attention to their own dress. We know that there is no ugly woman in this world, only lazy women, so women only need to pay attention to their personal dressing on weekdays, it is quite attractive, and women dress themselves, in addition to skin care, clothing must also have pay attention to. The jewellery, which plays a very important role in the collocation. It can add more points to the overall wear, so jewelry is basically necessary for every woman, but most women know how to wear jewelry, but not know how to care for jewelry, many women find that their jewelry has been blacked out and darkened after wearing it for a period of time, mainly because of improper maintenance.

When a woman wears a “golden necklace”, follow the “3 no” principle

First: Don’t wear it sleeping. Gold, in addition to its strong decorative effect, it also has a certain ability to preserve value, and even has a certain appreciation space, so many people will buy gold as an investment commodity. For most women, gold is more often worn as an ornament. The most worn ones should be loved by couples gold jewelry, https://www.getnamenecklace.com/ and many women may get used to sleeping while wearing gold necklaces. But actually wearing a gold necklace to sleep is easy to break its life, because the texture of the gold necklace is relatively soft, if it is pressed for a long time, it is easy to deform, not only will affect the aesthetics of the necklace, it may also lead to ” weight loss ” situation.

Second: Don’t wear when doing sports. During the exercise, you may accidentally scrape the necklace, which is easy to cause damage. In addition, during exercise, the body will discharge a lot of sweat. When the sweat is flowing back, the sweat will be contaminated into the necklace. It will cause corrosion to the necklace for a long time, because the sweat of the human body is secretion, acidic, and the necklace is in an acidic environment for a long time, there will be a situation of “weight loss”, which is not conducive to the preservation and appreciation of the necklace.

Three: Don’t wear a few jewels at the same time. It is used to match the clothes. It is to enhance the overall feeling of women’s wear. It can add temperament when paired, so it is also very particular when wearing gold necklaces mens. However, many women sometimes wear a necklace. One of the mistakes that is easy to make which is to wear several necklaces together. If people wear a few necklaces when they are active, the necklace will rub. And rubbing each other will scratch the necklace. There may be cases of entanglement and tearing, so you have to send it for maintenance and pay the money!

  When we look at the costume drama, we often see ancient people use silver needles to judge whether the food is poisonous. However, in daily life, wearing silver jewelry not only looks elegant and temperament, but also has many benefits for our body. What are the specific benefits?

  First of all, the silver ions in the silver have a strong bactericidal effect, which is very good for our body. When wearing silver jewelry, it not only looks natural and elegant, but also helps the girls to detoxify and nourish the skin. In daily life, if you can wear a silver bracelet on the right part, then it can help us to repair the usual bad eating habits in the body, and the accumulation of toxins. According to experts, silver can destroy 650 kinds of bacteria, and its sterilization function is really unbelievable.

  Second, the silver ion in the silver bracelet can break down the bacteria in the water. Similarly, when we wear a silver bracelet, the silver ion contained can break down the bacteria in our skin. After the metabolism of bacteria, the skin of a woman wearing a silver bracelet is more white and meticulous.

  Finally, the silver bracelet has always been worn by us as a safe jewelry. According to the older, wearing a couple bracelets sterling silver to protect life and wealth. Although this kind of statement is only the old people’s yearning for and wish for a better life, it is a hope for a good life that the silver bracelet is pinned.

  After wearing the silver bracelet for a period of time, the silver bracelet is blackened by the adsorption of “sulfur” toxins in the body and the sulfur in the air. Our cleaning method is very simple. Use a discarded toothbrush to squeeze some toothpaste and clean the silver jewelry like a tooth brush. Although the silver bracelet has little effect on the body’s sterilization and detoxification, it is still good for the body while making us look more temperamental.