Where To Find Most Prospective Cryptocurrency: Go to ICO List Site

Cryptocurrency is a global phenomenon offering new business and finance ecosystem but it’s also a tricky one. There are too many blockchain projects offering the coins to claim. In other hands, it could be a daunting task to choose the best or simply the profitable one. At this point, an ICO list could be where you can find most prospective cryptocurrency due to these following reasons:

In-depth analysis

An ICO list site not only list down those crypto projects, but it also provides in-depth analysis towards them. Like every time you investing in any businesses, you need a second opinion and an ICO site like provide you with ones. If you have been browsing there for a while, you may find several projects which attract you the most but it’s not into the conclusion yet. There, you can also access their ICO whitepapers to analyze what they offer and the prospect of the ICO business.

Air Drops

If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast and currently having crypto coins like Ethereum or Bitcoin but considering to “play” new coins, list the airdrops. It would provide you with various advantages. If you claim new coins from the airdrops with your current cryptocurrency, there will be no additional cost. At this point, you’ll have more options in developing your investment not only based on the currency market but also based on the actual businesses offered by these blockchain projects.

Diverse Options

If you’re using solely search engine to find crypto projects, you may end with homogenous or even irrelevant result. If you’re crawling the projects, you’ll get limited options depending on the keywords. Even if you know what kinds of business you want to search the blockchain, you’ll have to perform it one by one. ICO list accommodates various blockchain projects from diverse fields. This way, you’ll have relevant options and decide the one(s) you want to invest in.

Verified Blockchain Projects

Another strong reason is that verify the blockchain projects for you. If you’re looking for crypto business manually, you could be exposed to scams or frauds.  Many investors lose the money for investing it to the scam blockchain. In other hands, researching and verifying thousands of ICO could be painful. Blockchain offers you’ll find in ICO list site are the verified one so you can save time and keep peace of the mind. However, it would be completely at your discretion and decision to pick the most suitable project(s).

Business Categorization

Some ICO list sites like ICO TOPLIST even categorize ICOs based on the fields and business types. These include commerce, data analytics, education, finance, gambling, marketplace, trading & investing, and many more. You can sort the blockchain projects based on your business orientation. You’ll get the best options since you can find your favorite crypto businesses and you know exactly how it works so you can be more certain and keep peace of the mind.