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PC for Photo Editing – Best Product Picks in 2019

What is the best computer for photo editing? It is one of the most common questions asked by photography enthusiasts who want to produce the best photos. Well, the answer can be very tricky since there are a lot of products and brands available in the market to opt. The best PC for photo editing will provide you with sufficient power to help you edit high-resolution photos. If you are looking for the best PC to edit your photos, look no further. Here are some best products to help you narrow your choice.  

#1. Lenovo ThinkCentre M900

The first best PC for photo editing in the list is from Lenovo. This ThinkCentre M900 comes with high-end components to guarantee super fast performance. This product will be perfect the most for those who love photography since it combines power and speed. The combination comes with excellent build reliability and quality needed by PC with heavy-duties to manipulate images. In addition, this ThinkCentre M9000 is also supported with a wide range of configurations. It can provide you with a huge amount of power due to the PC’s top-end model. With the flexibility offered, there will be plenty of rooms available for you to expand and upgrade the PC in the future. In addition, this Lenovo ThinkCentre M900 also comes with a relatively affordable price for good reasons.

#2. Apple Mac Mini

If you need a brilliant PC with small size for photo editing, this Apple Mac Mini can be one of the best options to take. The device is packed with a lot of modern components such as Intel 6-core processors. The Apple Mini Mac is also supported with capacity storage up to 64GB RAM. In addition, the elegant design of the PC will look good in your interior design. What great about this device is that Mac Mini from Apple is not only small enough for photographers to bring it everywhere they go but also surprisingly powerful enough to edit photos. However, this Mac Mini is not completed with discrete graphics though Intel has been integrated with UHD Graphics 630. In case you want to get extra graphical oomph, you can plug in an external hard drive to the PC.

#3. Apple iMac Pro

This is another product of Apple that will be suitable the most for digital creative and professional photographers. With the cutting-edge tech applied in the PC, this Apple iMac Pro is an all-in-one computer with powerful performance. There are a lot of great features you can find in this Apple PC include hefty graphical processing power, bags of RAM, and powerful Intel Xeon W processors. The design of the product is also excellent. This is one of the most powerful Macs in the market that money can buy. Just like the other products of Apple, this Apple iMac Pro comes with a more expensive price if compared to its competitors. It is not surprising due to the many good things promised by the PC. However, this Apple iMac Pro doesn’t come with a non-user-upgradable system that might be a bit disappointing for some people.

#4. Microsoft Surface Studio

Another leading brand in the list is Microsoft. The Surface Studio series of the PC is incredibly powerful that will make it possible for you to edit photos in more fun ways. In addition, this Microsoft Surface Studio also comes with a sleek and stylish design that fits comfortably on a desk. Plus, this PC also has a relatively affordable price. This is a brilliant all-in-one PC for photo editing that is built for performance and quality. There are many photo editing applications you can find in the product. The built-in screen of the Microsoft Surface Studio will make your images look more fantastic. You can also get a wide range of applications for comparable editing photos since the device also runs Windows 10.

#5. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition

Last but not least is the Dell XPS Tower. This is a special edition product that will make photo editing becomes easier and more exciting. With a minimalist but compact design, this Dell XPS is a perfect choice for any interior design. This is a powerful desktop that is supported with modern and powerful components such as blazing-fast Intel CPU from the 7th generation. It is an important component for heavy-duty video and photo editing. In addition, this Dell XPS Tower also offers spacious SSD or hard drive. However, this product is only available in the United States for now.