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Top 7 Tools for Website Scans and Security Checks

To improve website security, it is common for the bloggers to install the security plug-ins. There are many products offered including iThems Security and Acunetix WP Security. Of course, in general, their functions are just similar to each other. They are around giving protections through the antivirus database and informing the detections of attacks from the outside. However, do you know that some of the plug-ins is probably not necessary for your websites? They can even give you some other problems including enabling viruses and malware to come in. Based on that fact, it is better to install a tool to check the plug-in and website’s security. Some products below are highly recommended anyway.

Sucuri Sitecheck

Sucuri is actually a product of security plug-in for WordPress. But recently, it introduces a tool that enables you to give extra protection for the website and even the security plug-in itself. With the tool, you will get the security reports regularly within the WordPress ecosystem. Besides, this tool is also able to scan your site and detect dangerous software and spam. Meanwhile, do you know that your website can also be blacklisted by some popular services like Google Safe Browsing and Norton Safe Browsing? To know whether your website is still safe or not from the blacklist, you can use the feature from Sucuri as well.

WordPress Security Scan

Even WordPress actually has its own tools for additional security. One of them is WordPress Security Scan that helps the environment of WordPress to always be under control. With it, you can scan the security status by downloading some pages from your site and then analyze it on the HTML code. The tool is also able to scan the number of users, the directory index, linked websites, JavaScripts, and iFrames.


If you want to check your website more deeply, WpLoop can just be one of the recommendations. There are some features and plug-ins of the websites to be scanned and checked using WpLoop. They are Meta Tag WordPress, readme.html, file upgrade, and sill many more. Have you experienced some failed logins? Well, it can also be due to the website that has been attacked by virus or malware. So, you can use WpLoop also by following some steps that are instructed once you are opening the app and entering the menu.


The checking and scanning process should be done in the basic area. Therefore, the security can just be guaranteed more. It seems that ScanWp really knows it for its ability to check whether all the website files are in good condition. Meanwhile, it is also able to give you notifications if you have upgraded your website into the newest version. To know the security level more, ScanWp will give you a score. If the score has been perfect, of course, there is nothing that should be worried about.

Ghost Scanner

Ghost Scanner is a good choice if you want to get detailed reports for all the checking process. So, you will know what to do next well. Meanwhile, it is also possible to show you the simple form of the results. It is particularly if you only one to run the surface scanning. Some features available in this security and protection tool are the scans of TCP Port, UDP Port, SSL Hearbleed, Ghost Glibc, and still many more. Another problem often experiences by bloggers and a website owner is related to Google Safe Browsing. Yes, the website is considered not safe but you may just not realize it. to overcome it, Ghost Scanner is the solution.


Just like the name, you can use this website to inspect the conditions of your websites. The way to use it is not so much different from other tools mentioned above. It is using the scanning system. Interestingly, only by passing through a process, you can get the results completely and in details. They are including the checks for blacklists, phishing, download drive-by, download malware, backdoors, Trojans, and many more. Even a small suspicious action from the outside can just be detected with it. Sure, it just makes your website and plug-ins are getting safer and more secure.


ThemeCheck is to check only the condition of your website theme indeed. But the result is really incredible since it checks and scans the theme up to the codes and other details within the theme. The system in ThemeCheck is really necessary for almost all website platforms particularly WordPress. To scan the theme, upload the zip file of your theme and wait for some minutes. The system will warn you if there is a suspicious action in it.