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The Interesting Instant Server Set Up Packages by GTHost

GTHost is one of reputable dedicated server USA providers. This provider becomes a trusted one because it offers several benefits for the users. The benefits are included on the packages offered to the users. In this case, there are several instant servers set up packages along with its interesting detail and deals. Learn those packages below and choose the best one which meets your need in order to develop a high-performance website. We try to explain the package based on the detail such as type of CPU, RAM, storage, bandwidth, and many more.

The First Instant Server Set Up Package

All of the dedicated server packages are using Supermicro Blade chassis. The provider chooses this chassis for some reasons. One of the reasons is because this chassis is able to reduce the use of the cable. As a result, you don’t need to get confused with the cabling process anymore. It is simpler than any other chassis. Moreover, the installation process will be faster and you can use the server right away to develop your website.

The provider is using a high-performance CPU known as Xeon. For the first package, the server is using Xeon E3-1265L V3 version. This CPU is used because of its powerful performance which can cover your high volume traffic website. One of the differences between those packages is the frequency. If you take the first package, your website is able to produce up to 2.50 to 3.70GHz and it makes the visitors can access your website easy and fast.

The package is using 16GB RAM and ready to support your online activity with up to 1TB or 120GB storage. The storage and RAM are big enough so you can save all important business files or data without anything to worry about. GTHost is offering an unmetered bandwidth and for the first package, you will receive up to 200Mbit per second. The package is including the IPMI. For those who want to use this dedicated server package, you just need to spend US$49 per month and US$5 per day for the daily trial price

The Second Instant Server Set Up Package

There are several similarities between the first and the second package. For example, the second dedicated server USA package is using the same chassis which is the Supermicro Blade. This package is also using Xeon CPU but in a different version in which you are about to use a dedicated server with Xeon E3-1271v3 version.

Furthermore, this package is also using the same RAM, storage, and bandwidth. Your website will be supported by a dedicated server with 16GB and 1600MHz RAM and 1TB HD or 120GB SSD storage. The website runs well because of the 200Mbit per second bandwidth along with IPMI.

What makes this package different is on the frequency. Along with the similar features, the frequency of the second instant server set up you can get is 3.60 to 4.000GHz. It is faster than the first package. To use the features in your dedicated service, you have to spend US$54 per month and US$5 per day for the daily trial.

The Third Instant Server Set Up Package

This is also the same case with the first and the second package. GTHost believes in the performance of Supermicro Blade. That’s why all of the packages are supported by this chassis. At the same time, this provider also believes in the performance of the Xeon processor from Intel. The difference is that the third package is using Xeon E3-1240v6 version. The different version of the processor which makes the frequency different. In this case, the frequency produced by the package is 3.70 to 4.10GHz and it becomes the fastest from these three dedicated server packages. The RAM is also different in which you are about to use a server with 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM. The rest of the detail is the same where the server has 1TB HDD or 120GB SSD storage for your online activities. The server runs with 200Mbit per second bandwidth along with IPMI.

It might be the highest detail compared to the packages explained above. Because of its high and powerful performance, the cost is US$69 per month along with $6 per day for the daily trial price.

You can check the complete detail of those packages by visiting the official website, One thing for sure, finding the best-dedicated server USA at an affordable price is still impossible. Even, the set up is only 15 minutes and that is why it is called an instant dedicated server set up. Indeed, the dedicated server USA is able to improve the performance of your website into the maximal level. As a result, you can achieve your goals because you have a great website and a dedicated server.