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Looking to double your salary? Here are 5 interesting jobs for you

When you accept a job offer, you dream of climbing a ladder of success to get a fat salary, prestigious position, a house, a decent car and what not. But those dreams rarely come true if you are not a fit according to the company’s expectations. An employer hires staff to conduct the business smoothly and in an upward direction of progress.

Like your dream of promotion, the employer dreams of a flourishing, growing business in the country. Either dream gets fulfilled when the supply of staff coincides with the demand of business culture.

Nowadays, businesses must endure stiff competition by adopting quality standards and adequate quantity for demands. So, both the employer and staff must work under pressure and solve expected as well as unexpected problems. And the bulk of this stress falls on the manager.

B-schools teach all skills kinds of skills to their graduates so that they can become successful managers. It’s business, not theory to learn and answer standard questions with repeated failures. The students are transformed and imbued with entrepreneurial skills, who can run their businesses with intelligence and wisdom or be a part of the managerial team in a big multinational corporation. So, if you want to change your annual package from 3 figures to 6, enroll for an MBA program.

A survey conducted with alumni found that 75% of MBA graduates got double their previous salary on success. Monster.com claims that with the graduation of MBA the negotiation skills increased by 4%. It has also been found that there is a scarcity of skilled management staff for recruitment in demanding sectors.

As such, there are several subjects and specializations taught in various MBA programs. After graduation, you will have to decide which specialization would pay that 6-figure salary to recover your investment in that course. Here are five opportunities which are always in high demand:

1. Finance manager: -A person who can manage finances effectively is a core position in a company. If you persist, there is a chance that you might get promoted to a director or a Vice President. The potential entry-level salary would be about$110,000 p.a.

2. Marketing manager: – Companies cannot survive without the marketing of their products. Their profits depend on market share. Very few can convincingly market their products, as it is a skilful job. You can learn these tactics in a B-school and use it to get this job. As a marketing manager, you can earn$102000 to 133000 p.a. Not bad!

3. Systems analytical manager: -After completing computer engineering, you can opt for MBA in system analysis instead of data entry or simple programming jobs. This position has strategic importance with the proprietary secrecy and privacy of company data and policies to be kept safe from internal tampering or hackers. Moreover, companies operating based on sophisticated technology need those managers for regular troubleshooting and maintenance. The lucrative package for this post is $86000 initially.

4. Consultant: -B-school has a special wing to teach entrepreneurial attitude where students are cultivated into prudent businesspeople. They are not taught to become a mere worker but to think in terms of ownership. So, students with an independent mindset can think of becoming consultants. Business houses may outsource tasks to a professional to analyze and give advice for enhancing themselves or solve business problems. If you are already a commerce graduate, this job allows you to expand the area of business for taxation, company affairs etc., and fetch $123000 p.a. while at it.

5. Entrepreneur: -Some students are extra intelligent. They can use education wisely for their growth. Instead of joining a company and making profits for others, they start their businesses. In such cases-schools can provide training to explore or enhance their hidden entrepreneurial skills. If you manage to run your business wisely, you can get up to$13500.

Thus, you can reap substantial financial rewards from the MBA. A good thing about these jobs is that women can also opt for these positions and get ahead in their careers, as the scenario changes towards gender equality.