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The First Autonomous Home Security System

Helping human to live comfortably, easily, and safely, that’s the main purpose of technology. In today’s modern era, we can easily find this concept has been applied to many aspects of our life. One of them is the security system. Today’s security system, especially home security system, can be said to be the representative of the latest technology. You can see it clearly on the Angee Home Security System.

What is Angee Home Security System?

Angee is claimed to be the first truly autonomous home security system in the world. It means that you don’t need to operate it or check the security camera on your Smartphone too often when you leave your house. Everything will be handled by the Angee home security system. That way you can relax and save more energy and time for other activities that you want to do, instead of worrying about your house and checking it one every few minutes.

Angee’s Features and Capability

Before we see what kind of features in Angee home security system, let’s take a look at what it can do. According to its maker, Angee has an ability to identify the homeowner or family members that live in the house where it’s installed.  It also can record the video of anything that happens inside your house when you leave it. Then, it can stream or share the video, which makes it easier to access it whenever and wherever you are. Now, let’s take a look at its feature.

Angee has several unique and useful features that can help you to protect your house easily.

  • Angee’s Hub
  • It is 5.5 inches of a cylindrical unit that become a core of the home security system. It has a camera, sensors and many other tools that the Angee’s autonomous system uses to detect any change or accident in your house. Then, it will report it to you through your Smartphone.

    The sensor is amazing. It can detect the motion, so if someone enters your house without your permission or when your door or window is opened, it can easily capture it on your video. It also can detect the temperature change, so if there is fire, you can easily find it out. You can use a special app from the company that makes Angee to get the report.

  • Whole Protection
  • Angee has 360-degree rotation camera and motion tracking technology that can protect the whole area inside your house. The best thing about this feature is you can adjust it just like what you want. For example, you can set the activity zones inside your house with a different setting for each zone. This way if there is something happening in one area it can report it to you.

    This feature is also useful to monitor your pet’s activity. You can adjust the zones setting, so when your pet enters the zone you don’t want them to enter; the Angee’s system can report it to you.

  • High-Resolution Video
  • When Angee’s system detects anomaly in your house, it will record it in 1080p 30fps format. Then, it will send it to your Smartphone. Its system can save up to one hour of video recording. However, you can add more space by using its cloud server service.

  • Home Owner Privacy and Recognition
  • Angee home security system also can recognize the homeowner or the family member when they return to the home. When this recognition activates, the security system will disarm automatically. Angee uses the Smartphone that you have to activate this feature. If it can’t detect your Smartphone, for example, you lost it or you forgot and leave it at your office, it can use other methods to recognize the homeowner. It uses voice recognition and password that you have entered before.

    It also can give you privacy by turn its system off when you are at home. So, it won’t record the video that you don’t want to be known by the public and such. When the privacy mode is activated, it will turn its camera to the wall to avoid the accidentally recording your activity. Of course, you also can turn it back on manually, if you want.

    Final Thought

    Angee home security system is indeed one of the most innovative security systems you can find today. We can see it as the starting point of the more advanced home security system in the future. Who knows, when the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is more developed in the future, we can even see more perfect Angee later.