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Top 8 Gaming Hardware and Accessories for Smartphone

For you the game lovers, your Smartphone can be the main device to do this interesting activity. Moreover, there are so many types of games with high quality that are available in the PlayStore or AppStore. Well, but if you are still not satisfied with the gaming controls on the Smartphone, some accessories are really worth to buy. At least, there are 8 types of accessories or hardware that must be owned by Smartphone gamers. What are they?

Smartphone Gamepad

Gamepad is an additional accessory to replace the controller on the Smartphone screen. It enables gamers to play the game even without touching the screen. With the device, you can control the Smartphone more comfortably. It works just like the PSP console for the emulator given. What is actually emulator? An emulator is a kind of software that enables programs or software to run in other systems. It is even when the system is completely different from the computer or Smartphone.

HDMI Connector

Some Smartphone series indeed have provided HDMI connectors in their packages. Unfortunately, many of them still don’t. That’s why; it is suggested for you to buy an HDMI connector particularly if you are really interested in games. By having this gaming accessory, it is possible for you to play the games on bigger screens like a computer or TV. Of course, there are still many other activities to be done using the connector aside from playing the games. They are watching movies, material presentation, listening to music, and more on the big screen. Those activities are originally done in Smartphone.

Antenna Signal Booster Sticker

One of the problems in playing the online game is the weak signal. It causes troubles like lags and others. So, before you start to play the game, it seems necessary to provide this accessory first; Antenna Signal Booster Sticker. It works to strengthen the signal and it is expected that your game can be played more smoothly. Particularly for the lovers of MOBA games, the antenna is really worth to buy.

MicroSD Class 10

For so many types of game that are available in the PlayStore, it may make many gamers just want to try them all. Unfortunately, it is impossible to have them all since the Smartphone capacity tends to be limited. That’s why; the additional memory must be prepared; it is MicroSD. Despite RAM, VGA, CPU, MicroSD also influences Smartphone performance. At this moment, the best MicroSD products are them with class 10. Commonly, MicroSD Class 10 is used by professional photographers and graphic designers. Meanwhile, you can use it in a Smartphone. One of the benefits of using the MicroSD is to play the game faster than usual.

Charger Wireless Pad

This device is really necessary for you who are on the level of being addicted to play games. Sure, you may even not see the conditions of the Smartphone battery. Consequently, the process of gaming can just be disturbed because you have to plug it in when the battery is running off or even empty. The solution is the charger wireless pad. The pad is functioned to recharge the Smartphone without the electric socket.

Pyrus Telescopic Controller

Although it looks sophisticated, this gaming accessory is actually not really expensive. You can eve get it only by spending around $30. However, not all types of Smartphone are compatible with this device. It is only for Smartphone with a size of 5-10 inches. It is functioned as the console of PlayStation. This way, you can play the game more comfortably without being worried that the screen will be damaged. The product works by sending the data from the HID protocol. It comes with a battery of 350 mAh. You can use it around 4-8 hours per day before recharging.

Razer Serval

Razer is one of the producers that produce a wide variety of game accessories. It is well-known for the production of the mouse, keyboard, and headset. Recently, Razer comes with some Smartphone accessories including Razer Serval. Razer Serval is basically a game console but is not attached on the Smartphone just like Pyrus Telescopic Controller. It is connected via wireless connectivity. Besides, it features the dual analog that is compatible with almost all types of game platforms.


Coming out as a competitor of Razer Serval, Gamevice tends to be more expensive some additional gaming features and specifications. They are dual analog joysticks, ABXY buttons, D-pad, L1/R1 Bumpers, LED indicators, jack and lighting connectors, and more. Gamevice is compatible not only with Smartphone but also some series of mini iPads.