Popular Blogging for Money Methods

Some bloggers blogging for fun and the rest of them are doing it for money. Blogging for money is an interesting activity and becoming a new job. Before doing it, you must know the way to earn money from your blog. Then, you can try to apply in the blog and get income from it. The list below is some examples of how to earn money from a blog.


A blog is like media where people visit it and find something useful for them. People who come to your blog is your target market or traffic. The more traffic you get, the more opportunities to monetize the blog. Advertising is one of a popular way to earn income in blogging for money. The simple example is Google AdSense in which there will be several ads put on your blog. You will earn some money if visitors click the ads.


If you think earning money by putting advertising is hard to do, you can use another blogging for money strategy namely affiliate. In this method, you are about to use your blog to sell something. You don’t need to get confused because the products and services are prepared by the third parties. What you have to do is creating useful and attracting content to attract more visitors. Then, you have to include a specific link which will be directed to the website of the third parties. You will earn a commission anytime visitors buy products or service from the third parties through your links. Some of the trusted online stores are using this trick to gain more buyers. Specific online stores such as ClickBank and Amazon have a lot of affiliate marketers all over the world.

Direct Advertising

Besides following Google AdSense, there is also a possibility to get direct ads. In this method, you are offering an empty space for ads on your blog. Before that, you have to decide the cost of the space. The idea of this trick is similar to billboard advertising. You will earn some amount of money if there is a company uses the empty space on your blog to put their ads. It is a little bit easier than Google AdSense you get money directly from the company. The hardest part is creating content to attract more visitors or traffic to come to the blog. Indeed, companies only want to put ads to popular blogs.

Creating Events

A blog is also a powerful tool to invite people to come to a specific event. The key to earning money from this method is achieving trust from visitors first. By the time you get their trust, you can start to invite them to attend a specific event. You can earn income from the ticket or charge. The event can be your own event or event from the sponsor. Of course, you must gain loyal visitors who want to share your content with their friends. The more visitors who share your content, the possibility to earn money from creating an event through a blog is bigger.

Creating Premium Content

This blogging for money method is commonly used by some popular blogs. In this case, the blog is offering special content which can be accessed only by paying some amount of money. The content is various including coaching program, services, tools, and many more. By paying for the premium content it means the visitors of the blog become a member. As a member, they have a right to get more than non-member visitors.

Offering Products and Services

You can also do blogging for money by offering products and services. It is for bloggers who have specific products and services to sell. In this case, you are using the blog to create awareness to visitors. By the time visitors trust you, try to offer products and services such as coaching, design, training, tools, consultation program, or even a freelance service.

Promoting Business

The more popular your blog, people will notify the blog. It attracts some businesses to use your blog to promote their business. What you have to do is writing an article or content related to the business and ask visitors to buy the products and services. You get the money from the companies which ask you to promote their business. It is a great opportunity for bloggers who love to write. Just make sure that you have a good copywriting skill to run this business.

The explanation above shows that a blog gives many opportunities for bloggers. The list above shows that blogging can be done not only for fun but bloggers can also blogging for money.