Bare Metal Server Basic Management and Usage

Bare Metal Server provides much better performance and service than a standard shared server. The reason is simple. This is a dedicated server or a single tenant server. You don’t need to share your server with other people. Therefore, you can use its maximum performance for your hosting needs. However, similar to other servers, you also need to manage this server regularly to keep its performance.

The Professional Help

Actually, the one that can manage your bare metal server is the professional. Usually, the bare metal server provider also provides the professional team that maintains the server. The team consists of the IT expert and those who have knowledge and skill in this field. Therefore, if you don’t have the necessary knowledge or skill, you won’t be able to do this correctly.

But, you still can involve in the managing part of your bare metal server. There are many ways to do that. For example, you can hire the IT team from the company that specializes in providing this service. Or, if you want to do it yourself, you can do at least these things.

Updating and Installing the Patches

Even though it’s called the dedicated server, if you use it for providing online service, there will be a lot of people (your customer) that access it. There is a chance that they will spread the malicious code and even worse, they try to attack your server and steal your data and customer data.

That is the reason why you should update your OS regularly. Moreover, whenever your OS manufacturer releases the patches, install it to ensure that your security system will always be on top performance. You also can use the server application tool, such as rkhunter, clamav, or chkrootkit to do the scan to find any problem in your server.

Monitoring the Server

Monitoring your base metal server condition is also important. Therefore, whenever there is a change or condition that passes the limit of normal condition, you can find it right away. Of course, you also need to tell the provider to deal with the problem.

Managing Your Password

To be safe, make sure that you change your server password regularly. This is including the administrative user passwords as well as the root password. It will prevent any problem in the future.

Setting Up the Firewalls

The last thing you can do is using firewalls. The firewalls will help you to filter the dangerous traffic that has possibility can harm your server. The firewall will use the IP address, IP protocol, service port, and other filters to protect your server.

Unfortunately, there are no firewalls that can do all of those in one software. Therefore, you might need to install more than one to get full protection. This is where your knowledge about IT is needed. In certain circumstances where you need to install and setting advanced firewall, you will need help from a pro. For basic firewalls, you can do it yourself.

The Usage of Bare Metal Server Today

The main advantage of the bare metal server is its top performance. For that reason, many people use it to handle high traffic and complicated process for online business. However, the bare metal server isn’t only limited for that purpose. Nowadays, many companies also use this server type for other purposes.

For example, the software/application company will use the bare metal server ability and performance as a testing environment for their product. In order to create an application that can handle many situations, you need to stimulate that entire situation. Using standard server, you won’t be able to do that smoothly. The bare metal server with its performance will help you to create that kind of complicated environment.

There are also many companies that use the bare metal server as the brain for their Artificial Intelligence (AI). The huge space and fast performance of bare metal server can provide the best tool that will provide a faster response for the AI system of that company. The AI needs that space and performance to calculate huge numbers of data analyze the situation it received and execute that in a matter of second.

The bare metal server also can be used as solely a place to store the data or backup storage. Nowadays, the company uses huge numbers of data every day. Therefore, the bare metal server is suitable for that purpose. In short, the bare metal server is one of the most important and useful innovations that we can find and use today.