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Mistakes in Web Design that you need to avoid at All Cost

Definitely, most people never want to make any mistakes in web design. Unfortunately, ill-designed websites keep appearing over and over again and apparently, there is no way to prevent them. One of the reasons why people keep making websites with flawed designs is that they tend to make their websites as unique as possible. Sure, they get a unique one, but uniquely horrible. Therefore, in order to avoid creating such things, you should figure out several mistakes that most people make when designing a website.

Using content poorly by using Whitespace carelessly

Definitely, when you are creating a website, you will have to ensure that you have the greatest content ever since it is essential for a marketing campaign. Having great content to tell the reader about the business you own as well as the products or services you have to offer to potential customers is definitely a desirable thing for every web owners. Well, you need to be careful on this one, though!

Unfortunately, not everyone understands how to use their content properly due to various reasons. Some of them would be the poor usage of the chosen fonts that you use to describe the content as well as the way the content is put on a page. Your brand image would be shattered if you fail to pick the type of font that is attractive as well as clear enough to read. By the way, using whitespace carelessly is a good way to ruin your website since it would keep the readers’ eyes from focusing on the website too long. Oh, by the way, not updating your website regularly is an excellent way to get kicked out of business quickly since visitors would think that you are no longer available.

Showing too much of what you have

Okay, when designing a website, people would surely attempt to make sure that they portray the information regarding their business as complete as possible. Otherwise, if your information display is too minimal to understand, then, website visitors would definitely not linger too long on your website. Unfortunately, though, one of the worst mistakes in web design is to portray too much of information at the homepage. Indeed, it would be awesome to display everything that potential customers need to know at once, but it actually gives you more problems than benefits. A website with a crowded design is not a good thing since such a design would take forever to load. Too many images, sound effects, and texts would definitely take longer than few ones, would they not?

Showing too few of what you have

Well, the previous section of this article states that you should not design a web which displays too many things. However, does that mean that minimal design is an answer? Well, not exactly; if you show nothing on your website, then, how do you expect to make your visitors understand what you have to offer to them? Despite the fact that minimalistic designs are the trending things, there is actually a limit on how minimal a design should be in order to attract potential buyers. When you are designing a website as minimal as possible, make sure you keep the most important thing on the page, the usability of the products or services you offer, and the visual height of the website design on your mind. Never leave your website without any clear direction for your potential customers since it would ward them off.

Using aggressive pop-ups

Using pop-ups are actually a great idea to get potential subscribers. However, if not done correctly, it may become a boomerang that has the potential to ruin your business. The mistake that most website designers do is that they use aggressive pop-ups that show up as soon as visitors arrive at the main page of the website. The problem is that these pop-ups show up even before visitors have a chance to read the content that the website displays! Even worse, some websites use pop-ups with a non-functioning cross button that should have been able to close the pop-ups. Definitely, these things are nuisances and they are a good way to lose potential customers!


There are several mistakes that most people do when designing a website. Some of them are the poor usage of content and whitespaces, too much display, too few displays, and using aggressive pop-ups. If not addressed, these mistakes would ruin the business that these people run. Well, since you now know the most common mistakes in web design, you will be able to do better in the future!