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How to Improve Website User’s Experience

website user’s experience is essential for building a successful website. Building a website might be one thing but there are several aspects of the website for making sure that it can be useful as well as helpful for the users. Here are some tips which can be used.

White Space

For improving the website, the first thing which should be done is using the white space. There are some reasons why white space is important for the website. A good design will need white space. With the white space, the content will look legible. At the same time, it will also be useful for allowing the users to focus on the elements which can be found surrounding the text.

If there is white space around the titles and text, there is a pretty significant increase in the user’s attention. The website will look modern, fresh, and open with enough white space. If those elements are important for the branding, the white space can help them to deliver the feeling to the users. However, people have to keep in mind that white space will always take up space.

Page Speed Optimization

As a website user, it will be very frustrating if people have to wait for too long for loading a page. It is important to remember that there are so many platforms which can be used for accessing the website content especially because everyone uses mobile devices nowadays. They just want to get the content opened quickly while they are doing other things. It will be super easy for them to leave the website when the page load is slow.

That is why it is necessary to optimize page speed. For this purpose, people need to check their website speed first. It can be done freely using the service from Google. There will also be some suggestions offered by Google for improving the load time either on the desktop and mobile devices. The improvement of the speed can be started by compressing the images before they are loaded onto the website.

Calls to Action

When people want to improve the website user’s experience using UX design services, they should also use calls to action but it must be attractive. It is pretty easy for tempting the users to follow the visual cues which will determine the important content for them. The users will be able to navigate the website much easier when there are calls to action which are marked with a certain action word. This way, they will be able to get the information they want in the exact location.

In this circumstance, they need to create buttons by considering the colors and their psychology. The actual word which is used for the button must also be considered carefully. It should come with the action word or verb that will stimulate the users for doing something.

Hyperlink Differentiation

There might be a time when people add a link to their website page. They will encourage the users for clicking there for sure. It is important to use the visual cues which can make the links identified easily. It can be done by using different text color or underlining it for drawing the user’s attention so they will know that it is the link which must be clicked on. There is no need to think about the hyperlink length because it will be easier to identify the link when it is longer.

Bullet Points for Key Information Segmentation

Why do not use bullet points when it is actually useful for improving the user’s experience of the website? The bullet points are beneficial because it can give all the information wanted by the users in a short time. The propositions will be more attractive with this method. There are so many options of icons which can be used for creating attractive bullet point’s information.

Image Wise

People can make a smart and fast judgment to the website before they decide to explore the website further. It will be very easy for them to know the photos which were seen somewhere else or the photos which looks like non-personal one from stock photography. In fact, the trust can be decreased when the website uses stock photography. It makes the website not unique which can be concluded as the business representation as well. To improve the website, it is better to replace the stock photo with the actual photo of the company. It might be true that they can get a high-quality photo from the stock photography but it will not be helpful for building a connection between the brand and the users which becomes the point of website user’s experience after all