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Essential Website Design Improvement Tips

Website design improvement will determine the success of the website. Here are some essential tips for improving website design.


Just because people want to have a website, they just start the process of designing the website although they do not have any specific plan. Having a plan for the website design is essential after all. They have to make sure that the website can meet the needs of the users. It should be able to lead the way of the buyers from the time they visit the website for the very first time to the time when they become the customers. They need to understand the users and their behavior so the right design of the website can be made. It means that they need to make proper research first before taking action for designing a website.

Elements to Remove

There are some elements on the website which should be removed because it can be a distraction from the message and value which needs to be delivered to the users. Those elements including the animations which are complicated, too long content, and stock photos. There are still other elements which should be eliminated from the website because it will catch audience attention which only lasts for eight seconds.

It is important to make the right first impression by using the short content which is powerful along with the applicable icons or images. There is no need to include the ambiguous terminology or jargon which can make the users confused. Some words need to be avoided because it is overused and unappealing.

Share and Follow

When people are designing a website, there are also some details which must be included such as the buttons to share and follow. Building a website is not only about building it and posting great content. It is necessary to give the opportunity for the users to share those great contents on the website. Social media traffics can be a lot and it will be missed when there are no social share buttons added on the website. The buttons might be small but it can be a tool which is not pushy for encouraging users for sharing the content on their social media. Social share buttons are a must in current website design improvement.

Right Imagery

Adding image to the website is absolutely useful but it does not mean that people can just use any image on their website. People have to consider the message which should be delivered to the audience and they need to find the image which can be suitable for the message. There is no need to worry because there are so many images which can be chosen even for free. However, it is better not to use the stock image for making the genuine impression of the website and building trust. If it is impossible to use the real photograph, they have to be very wise when choosing the stock photos.


Navigation becomes an important key when designing a website. It will help the visitors to know the main places which can be visited on the website. If the website comes with the navigation interface which is confusing or even disorganized, it must be the worst experience for the visitors. Only, they have to consider the users when creating the navigation bar because the users will leave the website quickly when they cannot find what they are looking for.

Homepage Scroll On

There is no need to worry about making a homepage which is slightly longer. If the users can scroll on the website homepage, they can get an experience which is seamless when visiting the website. There are crucial elements which can be added to the homepage from the value proposition to the resources.

Mobile Friendly

It is also crucial for making the website mobile friendly because there are many internet users who own a mobile device. It means that they will use the internet on their mobile device often. Most of the users will return to the mobile website when they find it difficult to access the normal website. People have to make sure that the website can meet the needs as well as the wants of the visitors.

SEO Focus

People should also focus on SEO for making sure that the website can be found easily by internet users. The online presence which is substantial will mean a lot for a website. The right SEO strategy must be developed and it is sure that there are so many strategies which can be applied. The point is that they need to make content which is relevant to the visitors need to get the best website design improvement