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6 Non-Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Although the marketing world has become very much digital nowadays, abandoning offline non-digital marketing entirely is not a smart idea. With excellent non-digital marketing strategies, you can reach potential leads that are currently not touched by the digital world. They include people who don’t have access to the digital world and those temporarily retreating from it. If you want to develop non-digital marketing strategies this year, here are 6 non-digital marketing trends in 2019 that you should mind.

Poster and Signage

Using poster and signage for marketing purpose is cheaper and can be more effective than using a large billboard. Poster or signage is cheaper for a very obvious reason, but it can actually be more effective than a billboard if you know how to place it strategically. Billboards often don’t have a targeted audience. They are for everyone who happens to see them, regardless of whether that person is interested in them. Poster and signage can be placed at strategic places that allow audience targeting. In fact, the best place to use posters and signage is actually inside your business premises. A visitor to your restaurant can see promotional messages on your posters and electronic signage while waiting for their meal.


If your business can afford sponsorship, why don’t you try this channel? With sponsorship, you can have your business name and brand attached to the event you are sponsoring. A good part about sponsorship is that you don’t have to design your ad. Simply submit your business name and brand to the event organizer and you will see your ads displayed on the visual elements of the event in an attractive way.

The event you are sponsoring doesn’t always a big and expensive one. Even a small fundraising campaign or a local auction can give your brands enough exposure to attract potential customers. The more important thing about choosing an event is that it should be related to the business you are running. A fashion business sponsoring a fashion show or a printing company providing giveaways in a fundraising event is an example of how sponsorship can bring up the context of your business to make it more well-known.

Innovative Media

New technologies allow you to produce new marketing media based on innovations. In the past, businesses were using digitally printed mugs and t-shirts as giveaways and advertising media. Although the use of those media is still relevant nowadays, you can actually introduce new innovative media for your marketing campaign. With a 3D printer, you can introduce a new way to attract potential customers with on-site product or prototype production. You can also use a modular LED screen, a flexible screen, or even a holographic presentation as your advertisements. Whenever new technologies become available, new ways to promote your products or services will also become available.

Traditional Marketing

A traditional marketing campaign using direct mail, brochures, pamphlets, and other printed materials is not only considered still relevant nowadays but also necessary. Printed messages can be accessed by everyone, including people who don’t live a digital life or simply retreat temporarily from such life. Using printed messages is also important because the focus of a marketing campaign is to surround your prospects with promotional messages. If you already use emails, social media, and other digital marketing tools in an extensive way, using a traditional printed message will give an extra effect to your campaign. Never underestimate the role played by traditional marketing even if the world has already become much more digital than ever.

Personal Interaction

There is actually no marketing tool that is more powerful than personal interaction with your prospects. If you meet and talk with your customers in person, you can add some extra persuasion that your digital and non-digital messages lack. You can also get a direct and more honest response from them about your products or services.

Integrating Non-Digital and Digital Marketing

Although you should focus on both digital and non-digital marketing strategies, to achieve optimal efficiency, those strategies should be integrated into one package. This is actually an important element of an omnichannel marketing setup whereby you plan, manage, and execute all of your marketing from one hub that integrates and interconnects all of those channels.

There are various strategies that you can use. You can extensively use QR codes to allow access to your digital publications through your paper publications, enhance your holographic ads with digital interaction, and allow your prospects to interact with your paper brochure with AR mechanism. These strategies allow you not only to work on your marketing channels more efficiently but also to reap bigger and more real benefits from them.