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5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

With commercial activities occurring mostly online, employing all kinds of digital appliances that become today’s norm, digital marketing trend in 2019 becomes an important matter that every business performer must take into consideration. If you are curious about how digital marketing will develop in 2019, here are five of the most prominent digital marketing trends that you should observe in 2019.

Mobile Marketing with Display Advertising

If you are still focusing on desktop marketing paired with PPC- based search advertising and paying less attention to mobile marketing with display advertising, you will lose the big momentum to push your business forward. The trends of mobile marketing and display advertising have been growing since the last few years and they are expected to thrive this year

Desktop marketing still plays a significant role, so does search advertising; however, the graph shows mobile marketing trends that are constantly creeping to the top. Due to the massive use of mobile devices in online commercial and business activities, customers tend to be attracted more by mobile display ads that improve their awareness of brands. For marketers, focusing more on mobile marketing paired with display advertising and even abandoning desktop advertising altogether might be something to consider in 2019.

Omni-Channel Marketing

The first point above shows the importance of focusing on mobile marketing as a distinct channel separated from desktop advertising. You can either choose one of them or establish a multi-channel marketing setup that covers both mobile marketing and desktop marketing as individual channels. However, this multi-channel approach will not be efficient because you have to provide each channel with its own resources.

Instead of building a multi-channel marketing setup, why don’t you integrate all of your marketing channels into one omnichannel setup in which all channels are connected with each other? The marketing infrastructures available today allow you to establish such omnichannel setup. This unified system allows you to manage and control your desktop ads, mobile applications, and social media ads from one cockpit.

Programmatic Advertising

An advertisement is a marketing asset that is constantly sold and purchased. It is widely believed today that the involvement of human and manual operation in the selling and buying of advertisements is something of the past. By minimizing human’s involvement whenever possible, marketing activities that involve the use of advertisement can be accomplished much more efficiently. Remember that humans cannot work all the time, they get sick, and they need rest. Machine or AI doesn’t have to face such kinds of situation.

This extensive use of the machine and AI in the advertising market is called programmatic advertising and it is expected to be the future of the advertising business. Programmatic advertising doesn’t mean replacing human and machine entirely. It only frees humans from the menial bureaucratic tasks of the business and allows them to focus more on planning marketing strategies and decision-making affairs, which the AI is not yet capable to handle.

Online Video

The Internet is getting so fast and cheap nowadays that people spend their time more to watch online videos than to watch TVs. Therefore, it might be the right time to focus more on online videos and online video ads than on TV commercials. There are some reasons why online videos and video ads will yield more visible outcome than what TV commercials offer. To start with, online videos and video ads are easier and cheaper to make. Online video ads can also be tailored to be so contextual that every internet user can watch unique ads depending on their online behavior. Besides, TV commercials are hated. Although online video ads are similarly interruptive, viewers can either skip them or know when the ads will end, thanks to the included timer. The most obvious reason, however, is that the internet has become more attractive for people than television.

VR and AR Marketing

VR and AR advertising has become an attractive marketing segment nowadays. With VR and AR-capable devices and the technologies that support them become widely available, skipping VR and AR in a marketing campaign is not a smart move. With VR, you can advertise your products and services in a more realistic way as customers can see and interact with them in a real 3D environment. With AR, you can integrate your digital advertisements in the real world. You can, for instance, allow your customers to see your restaurant’s menu by directing their phone camera to your restaurant. There are many ways to involve the use of virtual and augmented reality devices and technologies in your marketing campaign.