Top Six Blogs You Must Visit Every Day

Some people love to use blogs because it helps them to share something fast and easier. Blogging is the best way for internet users who love to write to express or share something. Nowadays, a blog is not only a platform for hobbyists but also for those who want to read the latest news around the world. Here, we serve you several blogs which worth it to visit.

Business Insider

Business Insider is a worth it to visit, especially for internet users who want to know more about the latest financial, media, technology, and industry news. This blog launched since February 2009 and it reached significant achievement until today. Due to the tremendous improvement, Business Insider decides to add some categories such as sports, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle. Even, there are international editions for Australia, India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

People love to read news from this blog because it has a clean and well-organized front page. Moreover, users are supported by a simple and effective menu. The most important thing, the articles are discussed in depth along in the most informative way.

Business Insider also has premium articles and online readers who want to read it must subscribe first. You will see ads on every page but it is well-managed so it doesn’t disturb your comfort while reading the news.  


TechCrunch was launched in 2005 by Michael Arrington. Since that, this blog becomes a trusted online portal for internet users who want to read the latest news related to technology, computer, internet culture, social media, product, website, and startup company.

Besides offering a variety of categories, people love how the articles are written. Plus, the blog is easy to open so the visitors don’t have to wait too long to read their favorite news. Because of that, this blog has millions of RSS subscribers.

To accommodate millions of readers, TechCrunch develops some networks such as CrunchNotes, MobileCrunch, and CrunchGear. It seems that the developer needs to consider the menu and the pages because it makes visitors confused sometimes.


Another great news blog you must visit is Mashable. This blog was also developed in 2005 by Pete Cashmore. People love to visit Mashable to find out news about video entertainment, culture, technology, science, business, social good, and many others.

The blog has an international version, especially for Asia, Australia, France, India, and the U.K. Due to its network and reader, this blog becomes the largest and most reputable for news about digital culture. Mashable also has an extravagant number of readers in which there are over 28 million social media followers, 7.5 million social shares, and seen by 45 million unique visitors per month.

The achievement can’t be separated with the well-written articles along with the simple and well-organized menu and page. The problem is that readers see too many ads on a page and it makes the site hard to open.


Most of the internet users are millennials and BuzzFeed comes to facilitate those users. That’s why the design and articles are entertaining. This blog provides its readers with social news and entertainment. The developer successfully combines text and images. With the role of their target market and entertainment content, most of the articles are viral. There is also a specific icon for a trending article.

In 2011, this blog was going wider by launching some additional categories such as technology, business, and politic in an entertaining way. Because of that, internet users love to share content on social media. It seems that BuzzFeed needs to think about creating an attracting title without using a clickbait title.

The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post is a trusted blog for finding the latest world news, entertainment, politics, business, style, and many others. This blog was started in 2005 by three persons which are Ariana Huffington, Kenneth Lerer, and Jonah Peretti.

The articles are well-written and deep enough without losing the informative elements. This is also because of the role of thousands of bloggers who supply trusted content in a variety of topics. Because of the number of bloggers who write the content, The Huffington Post has interesting news to read every day along with a little number of ads. As a result, readers can read their favorite news comfortable and revisit the blog more often.

The Daily Beast

As an editor of Vanity Fair and the New Yorker, Tina Brown has a passion to create an entertaining and trusted blog. Because of that, The Daily Beast was launched in October 2018. Since then, internet users are able to find the latest news and opinions in a variety of topics such as politic, entertainment, book, fashion, innovation, business, world news, technology, and art and culture. Even, this blog has a fun topic to discuss such as drink, food, and style. Those categories successfully attract million visitors every day.

The best part of this blog is because it has a well-organized main page, well-written articles, and easy to use menu. The problem is that sometimes, there are controversial articles and too many ads which might disturb your comfort while reading the news.