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5 Common Mistakes that Will Ruin Your SEO Campaign

SEO is important, period. Without optimizing your website, you won’t get a good result. This good result will affect many aspects of your business. The brand position in the market, the number of customers, total profits, and even how your business capability in competing in today’s business world are all affected by your SEO plan.

Unfortunately, there are still many of us make mistake with our SEO plan. These mistakes only make us waste too much money on an advertising campaign. The worst of all, your business won’t get a good result from your SEO plan, because of these mistakes. Below, we provide several SEO mistakes you need to avoid. Hopefully, you can create a better plan for your SEO campaign.

1.    Wrong Keywords

It seems a simple thing. However, there are still many companies that use the wrong keywords. They used an optimized keyword. But, it doesn’t mean that the optimized keyword is the right keyword for your business. You need to use the keyword that your customer mostly will use when they are looking for something in the industry where you run your business.

Therefore, you must do some research first before optimizing your keyword. There are many tools you can use. For example, Google provides the Google KeywordPlanner tool for researching the best keyword according to your business background. There is also SEMrush or Moz Keyword Explorer. Just use anything that you like to get the correct keyword for your business SEO.

2.    Keywords Spamming

This is a silly mistake, actually. There are still many businesses use this method. Basically, they put their keyword in every sentence, hoping that it will increase the visibility of their website on search engine page. But, do you know that the search engine sees it as spam?

The worst case, your website will be blacklisted. If that happens, you lose your hope to get more customers. Moreover, the customer that read it also will feel that your content doesn’t make sense. It becomes a problem if your old customer leaves you because of this stupid mistake.

3.    Wrong Topic

The most important thing you must understand is creating SEO content that can help or useful for the reader. The common mistake is you use the correct keyword, but the content where you use that keyword doesn’t match with those keywords.

The search engine has a special algorithm that doesn’t only detect the keyword. It also can detect the other words that you use in that content. So, if you use the best keyword, but there is no related word to that keyword in that content, the search engine won’t pick it up.

Even though some people or in the worst case, your old customer, find out about that content and read it, you can expect some bad result from them. They will see it as useless content. The keyword only destroys comfort in reading the content. In the end, the reader won’t get anything from it. This will close the possibility to get more customers.

4.    Plagiarism

We call it the worst mistake you ever made in the SEO campaign. Plagiarism only gives you a bad position in the search engine. Plus, if the owner of the original content knows about it, they can sue you. Now, you can figure out what kind of big problems you can get from this point, don’t you?

In order to avoid plagiarism, you can use the plagiarism checker tool. However, you also need to understand how this tool works. We can say that the plagiarism checker tool still can’t work perfectly. This tool often points out a sentence of words as plagiarism, even though those words or sentences are common sentences. You can depend solely on the tool. You also need to use a manual checker to avoid the plagiarism.

5.    No Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Title tags and Meta description is the most important thing in the SEO plan. On the search engine page, these two are the text or information that will be shown by the search engine to the internet users. The search engine won’t display the whole content. So, if you don’t use these two, you will get nothing from your SEO.

Create interesting and inviting, but the not misleading title tag and Meta description. Make sure the information in both of them can explain what the reader can get from your website. That will help them to find what they need faster as well.

Basically, those are 5 common mistakes that most people and maybe you, still frequently make in SEO plan. Avoid them and you are one step close to getting the best result from your SEO campaign. With creativity and patience, just wait for the best thing from your SEO campaign.