The Difference Between Onsite and Offsite SEO

There are two common methods in doing SEO or Search Engine Optimizations. They are onsite and offsite SEO. Both of them can be used at the same time or you can use either one of them. The goal of doing SEO is to increase the engagement and value of your content so you can use it for various business purposes.  

The Onsite SEO

The first thing to do when creating content is to decide the keywords. To get the most relevant and engaging keywords, using onsite SEO method is quite straight forward. To pick the proper keyword you have to use the one that shows often when you click the search button or you can use Google Analytics to check which keyword has the highest frequency of searching on each month. Once you decided the keyword, then you can get creative with the content using the keyword as your guideline.

In utilizing keyword, most websites put it on the headlines, titles, and any high-vis area on the web. Make sure that you put it thoroughly and make your content as relevant as possible with the keyword. Other elements that should be noticed are meta tags, meta descriptions, image tags, and URLs on your page. All of them should revolve around the keyword you use.

The step above is the initial method of Onsite SEI. the next thing you can do is to optimize the website include the design, layout, text, colors, and many more. Make sure that you design it as interesting as possible. Once it is done, you have to wait for the search engine to index your content. You can wait passively or actively request indexing to your intended search engine.

Another way to increase the ranking or value of your content is to add pages on your site. Blogging is a good example of adding pages and value to a site. When you create a new content or blog post, your site will have a new searchable and index-able page. This is the easiest way to increase the exposure of your content, therefore most people use this step in Onsite SEO.

The Offsite SEO

As the name suggests, the Offsite SEO involves the outside elements of your content. This method requires you to do more effort to increase your web’s exposure. Link building is a step in Offsite SEO to increase the exposure of your content. This step requires you to build the most interesting content as possible. A content with great value will be included in a link on high profile websites. Once your content is included in a high profile web, it means that the search engine approves that your content is worth it to be put as a link on that high profile site.

There are two common ways in order to generate links from high profile sites. The first thing is to frequently do press releases. Once you launch it, you have to wait for the release to be indexed. Then, you will get the link that is relevant and will redirect into your page. After you get the link, then it is time to distribute it through sites like PR Newswire or Business Wire. Your link will be released with all minor and major news outlets. This will improve your Offsite SEO since the news outlets that have web version will post content similar to yours on a regular basis and generate a high-profile link that link back to your site.

The guest blog is another common way in increasing the exposure of your content using Offsite SEO. This way requires you to reach out blogs relevant to your content and the blogs are likely to be read by your prospects. You can check your prospects by typing guest blogs and your related content. You will see various blog and websites similar to yours. To increase the engagement, you can add more post and content with great values.  

In Offsite SEO, you have to be proactive and reach out editors or journalists to write a regular blog post. The editors are more likely to accept you if your content is interesting, factual, and engaging to be posted on their blogs. Helping them out means that you will become a guest blogger. All you have to do is write compelling content and make sure that the content made by you is posted along with the link that redirect to your site. If you actively using this method, you will see that the number of engagement of your website will increase. You can utilize both Onsite and Offsite SEO at the same time to get more traffic.