How to Improve SEO Engagement

A lot of people may think that SEO is a difficult thing to do. SEO is complex but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done easily. Once you know the way to improve SEO engagement, you will be happy since the traffic will be high and your online businesses will run smoothly. Here are things you can do to support your SEO engagement

Research the keyword

Researching the keyword is important, but not everyone can do it properly. It is important because once you do it right, your content will be structural and better in general. With keyword research, you can also know what kind of title suits with the content or what will you write on the description page. It could also affect the general choices of your you use in the article. Therefore, you have to research it properly since the same meaning with different keywords will have a different result.

For example, you have an idea to write about the square area formula. In order to achieve that idea, you have to pick the right keyword. It could be calculating square area formula or applying square area formula. Using the help from a tool like Google Analytics, you can search about the average search of both keywords per month. Pick the one with higher number so you will have a better SEO article.

The content

The content or article in applying SEO technique is the most strategic factor that can affect the engagement. This is because, inside the article, there are keywords. Aside from that, the article also acts as a subject and link building object, which is important as an important promotion aspect. With content, every search engine could identify the type of the website. A search engine can identify which website that sell clothes, electronics, or even personal web.

For example, a search engine can differentiate the ASUS keyword for laptop and smartphone. How can the search engine work like that? They search any related keyword, in this case, related to ASUS. Then, they will show you the most popular one. Therefore there are things you can do in order to maximize your keyword picking.

The first is to use the same keyword multiple times so a search engine will be able to identify the content. The next is to fill the tag alt and title of a picture as an optimization method. Filling a keyword in the title as a permalink and fill it in the searching description is also important. Another thing is to label every content you create.

The promoting aspect

No matter how good your article is and the relevant your keywords are, they will be useless if you can’t promote them to be clicked by the public. The result you get might be not satisfactory since your article target the wrong market. Doing optimizations and promote it on various websites or social media are great to promote your content. Don’t forget that you should share your content to the people that you think will fit or understand with the content you have made.

Link building

Link building has become more and more crucial when it comes to SEO article. This is because the link can refer back to your content. The better your content is, the more link will be referred to your content. There are various ways to do link building but the two most common methods are either Black Hat or White Hat SEO. An easy example to do link building is to post a comment of your link in various web or social media. This might be easy but the impact would be minimal.

The website that store your content

This is probably the most crucial part since everyone will refer your link based on the design of your web. The bounce rate of your web should be minimal and there are simple ways to improve your web and reduce the bounce rate.

The first is your web should use a theme or template that can be viewed for a long time, so the eyes won’t get tired easily. This can also be improvised with the right color scheme. The standard scheme is to contrast the background with your text, such as white on black or black on white with blue color on links. You can also fasten the loading of your website by compressing the JavaScript or HTML/CSS. If you put a lot of pictures, make sure you compress them so the web can be loaded faster. For more details, you can try to open Page Speed Insight and tweak your web to make it load faster. By doing all of the mentioned tips above, you can improve SEO engagement.