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Robotic Kits for Kids’ Gift

Nowadays, the kids are pretty curious about things associated with technology. There is no doubt that anything related to the robot will capture their interest as well. In fact, making the kids closer to technology will not bring any bad effect at all. In the future, there will be more technologies which will be involved in a human’s life. Meanwhile, the kids can really have fun with the robots so there is nothing wrong to consider the robotic kits below as the gift for the kids. It can be a perfect way not only for improving the basic building as well as programming skills but also for stimulating creativity.

The Smithsonian’s Robotic Spider Kit

Some parents might have a big question about the right time for introducing the kids to the robotic technology. In fact, the kids actually can know this technology as soon as possible. The robotic spider kit by The Smithsonian can be a great way for introducing the kids to this technology. It is perfect for beginners in the robotic world. It can be given to the kids from age six. They will have fun learning more about the way the robotic joints work. All that they have to do is just assembling the robot kit. Next, they can turn on the motor and the robot can move. There will be eight multi-jointed legs which can be found from the assembled robot. The movement of the robot will be pretty similar to the real spiders walking motions. That is why it is important to pay attention carefully for the kids that have arachnophobia.

4M Doodling Robot

The robot might have a very close relation to the engine but it does not mean that it cannot be associated with something artistic. The kids surely will love the mechanical artist which they can build. They will love 4M Doodling Robot as a gift not only because they love robot but also because they love doodling very much. This robot is considered pretty simple for the beginners started from age eight. With this robot, they will be able to figure out various things on their own. They can adjust the pens height and angle on the robot. That is why they will be able to create various designs by making those adjustments with the robot.

The littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

When reading the name of this robot, there is no question that the big fans of Star Wars will get interested in the product right away. However, the robotic enthusiast who loves robot will be attracted to the robot as well. It is getting more interesting because this robotic kit wins the 50-plus toy awards. There must be something special which can be found from this robot. The inspiration of this robot can be found from the movie after all. The design is taken from R2-D2. It will be a great gift for the kids because the droid can be brought to life. At the same time, the kids will also learn about the coding skills based on the block. By using the app on the smartphone, the kids will be able to be the C-3P0 for the robot which can be their new friend.

ELEGOO UNO Smart Robot Car Kit

The toy car is brought further with the robotic technology. There is no doubt that the toy car becomes one of the most favorite toys for the kids but there might be too many cars in their toy box already. That is why giving ELEGOO UNO Smart Robot Car Kit can be considered when people are looking for the special gift for the kids. This is the toy car which is perfect for the EV generation of self-driving. The kids will get the opportunity for programming Arduino when building the robot car. Building the toy car is not the only interesting activities which can be done by the kids with this product. They even can control the car to move once it is assembled.

The movement control of the robot car will be done through Bluetooth. In fact, this car can get more and more sophisticated. There is no need to worry that the robot car will be broken or damaged when it is controlled by the kids. It comes with the smart mode after all. When it is turned on, the smart mode will help the robot car to detect the obstacles. It means that it will also automatically avoid them. There is no need to worry about the damage to this precious robot after all.